What’s so special about me?


BY  Hope Kumor

What’s so special about me? you ask yourself as you gaze into the mirror for the fourth time this morning. You don’t have the looks, the personality, the body or anything for that matter. Rather, you feel like you’re unworthy of the opposite sex because you lack confidence and constantly insult yourself. You don’t feel like being Elizabeth Murphy on this cold, breezy day, but you can’t avoid it because like it or not, you’ll be her for the rest of you life.

But, here’s the good news– you are worth it. This is your year to shine and show your potential. I know that all you ever do is put yourself down because you’re used to this behavior, but you need to stop because you are worthy, beautiful & strong.

2013 is about new beginnings, new starts, new challenges. We’re going to leave 2012 Elizabeth in the dust and move onto gorgeous, successful and confident Elizabeth. Therefore, before you make another dig about the extra skin on your stomach, think about signing up for the gym in order to quit that talk. You don’t need to be a size 2, but you can go down a few sizes if you don’t like those curves.

There are many ways to make yourself feel better, and now is the perfect time to begin this new you.

Personally, I’ve gone through many struggles with my weight and learning disability. So, I ask myself, what’s so special about me? Well, I would say that I was strong enough to push through every challenge given to me, endure every obstacle and continue to pursue my dream of becoming a magazine writer despite my learning disability. Never give up and always go for your dreams.

So, the next time you ask yourself that question, I want you to come up with a positive response and do it with a confident smile.


Hope Kumor ❤


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