He makes it better.

With a glow in his eyes, he shares with me, I like where we’re at. He is pertaining to our relationship of course!

On January 22nd, it will be 3 months for the boyfriend & I and I couldn’t be happier. He makes me feel special, beautiful, wonderful, smart & worthy.

Instead of seeing each other on this rather windy, winter day, we choose to talk on the phone. It seems the telephone isn’t even comparable to face-to-face conversations because there is no physical touch, smell, sight or realness about him. There is merely a voice at the other end of the line. It’s empty & lonely.

He makes me glow & feel alive. 

Another night, as I share my fears with him on the phone, he says, You’re 23. You’re young and you have many years ahead of you. You aren’t running out of time. 

In my mind, I believe that time is ticking & I need to find something now in order to feel fulfilled. Do you get it? Do you understand? I can’t, won’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t wait for something to come along. I want to make it happen ASAP or else I’ll feel more of a loser.

Right now, I feel like I’m floating and trying to figure out where to land.

Where to ladies & gentlemen?! I can’t find my place in the world, but he makes me feel better about my whole situation.

He makes it better.


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