William Davis’s “Wheat Belly”: You mean wheat is bad?!


BY    Hope Kumor

Evidently I was informed that wheat is bad for you. You have no idea the pain and agony I went through when I learned this tidbit, this fact. You see, I love wheat products such as bagels, pasta and cereal. Even though I’m very conscious about my calorie intake and often exercise at least 3 times a week, I can still choose a bagel once in a while for crying out loud. Who told me this excruciating fact, you ask?  It was William Davis. So, blame him the next time you feel guilty consuming a wheat bagel.

But, seriously, as I read through the first few pages of David’s Wheat Belly, I became surprisingly aware of how much we consume wheat. It’s in almost everything from processed foods to bottled beverages! I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw that wheat bread isn’t that healthy for you. So, instead of grabbing for those two slices of wheat bread in order to make a peanut butter sandwich, I guess grab rye as an alternative? I’m not sure because I haven’t gotten too far along in the book to start giving out advice. This is merely a reaction to how I thought wheat was better for you. Like, are you joking when you tell me that a cereal such as Special K, the so-called “good” cereal contains wheat? I don’t get it. I’m highly upset and disappointed.

Apparently, this wheat that everyone speaks of is actually the devil because it could be what’s making you feel bloated. It could be “the beer belly” for children and soccer moms. Who knew? I didn’t until reading David’s informative novel. I will venture on, but alas, this won’t be the last of me speaking of how horrible I feel that wheat is “bad.” How is it “bad” when so many people tell you to pick it over white bread?

Here’s a thought—you might as well take away all the bagels, breads, pastas, junk foods, processed foods and other foods to battle, but be afraid of the 600-pound body builders that will hunt you down. Just remember, wheat will never die!

❤ Hope Kumor


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