A Spring 2013 day.


The sun is illuminating & bright in the sky. It smells of flowers and the grass appears to be greener than usual, the birds are chirping loudly up above. Everything is blossoming & vibrant.

Fast forward to Spring 2013. Him & I visit the local park, hold hands & eat our frozen yogurt at the nearby bench. We enjoy one another’s company as we sit side by side having an in-depth conversation about our future. We’ve been together for 6 months and believe that we’re meant to be together. Even though there is a 45-minute distance between each other, we just know. We both feel the same and desire the same thing: to be together forever. He wears his tight short sleeve shirt & shorts & I wear my sundress. An older couple passes us as we sit & laugh about yogurt on his cheek. The elder man says, I remember those days. Cherish them & don’t ever take one another for granted because you just don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Have a great day, kids. His wife winks at us. They walk away hand-in-hand & smile. We can’t help but smile at this older couple who seem head over heels in love with each other. 

I want that, but with you, he whispers in my ear. I say, So do I. We kiss & spend the rest of the afternoon talking about everything. We always have long, drawn conversations about nothing & I love every moment of it.

You’re all I need, dear, he says with passion in his eyes.

I can’t wait to spend those Spring 60 degree days with him. That sounds random, but when I woke up this morning and saw the video for the song “Between the Raindrops” by Lifehouse and watched the flowers blooming, I wished for the spring, with him especially by my side. Accompanying me to various places & events. No, he’s not perfect & neither am I. I’ll NEVER find the “perfect” guy because there is no such thing. Guess what? Those guys in the movies aren’t real. They are fictional & society plays up this ‘perfect’ guy role that makes it hard for other men to follow suit. It’s rather difficult to play that part. I can’t keep trying to compare the guy I’m involved with with these movie stars. It’s unrealistic & unreal.

STOP. I’m done with that.

My boyfriend is great, splendid, spectacular, awesome & very, extremely special to me. You won’t ever understand how I feel about him. Don’t try to understand, please. There’s no need to analyze or make sense of it, the strong feelings have just merely emerged from the moment I spoke to him– Friday, September 28th, 2012. That was THE day. I had no clue that that day would change my life, make it better in a good way, make me happy & excited to be with someone of the opposite sex. Still to this day, I think of that particular day that I said the words, I just noticed that you’re in two of my classes, while on the elevator. From that, our relationship blossomed like a flower.

We ate together. Held hands. Kissed. Hugged. Had deep conversations while the wind blew our hair & the sun shone making our eyes squint. Walked around campus trading stories & how our day is going. We formed a special bond with each other that can’t be broken.

I want to be with him for a while though. I have such strong feelings for this guy that I can’t see breaking anytime soon. But, at the same time, you don’t know what’s ahead. What’s the future look like anyway? I have no clue. I can’t tell you. I’d love to know, but where’s the fun in that?! In that case, you’ll know exactly what’s going to happen & there are no more surprises.

So, just let me in on a little secret: Will we stay together? Mr. magic crystal ball, how does my future look? Magazine writing? A healthy, happy family? Kids? What’s ahead? Please, just give me a small piece of information, a little clue?

All I know is Spring 2013 will be here before you know it! Then, I won’t have to imagine the picture, it will come true!

❤ Hope Kumor


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