I’m with the big boys now!

A year ago at this moment in time I was beginning the first half of my senior year in college. I had 4 classes that were extremely difficult. I complained & hated not being able to do anything except homework. I stayed in my room for hours upon hours mostly reading useless material that wouldn’t get me anything but a bachelor’s degree in English.

Who knew that my current boyfriend was in one of them: History of Criticism at 2:00-3:20.

You were the cutest girl in that class, he shared with me while laying next to me. I liked your dresses. 

Now, look at us, a year later, TOGETHER, dating for 3 months, 4 days. I wish it were a year ago because I’d be in school. I would be attending Temple University, comfortably. I’m so terrified to step out of my comfort zone, and I always have been. When will I be ready to move on? Why is it such a long, difficult for me to move onto something else, something bigger & better?! I’m scared like a child afraid of the dark. 

Yes, we’re going back HERE. It’s ridiculous & dumb, but true.

I’m moving onto something so large that I can barely process it. NEW YORK CITY. The big guys. There is no room for mishaps, mistakes or errors. I graduate in May, but I’m merely just taking this class for the internship. Everything is larger than life right now.

It’s all happening so quickly before my eyes. Fast-paced. But, I’m going to be a HUGE star. I know I’ll be. I’m writing this as a small girl who is about to show the world what she’s made of.

Nothing can get in the way of chasing my dreams. I can’t let my money situation weigh me down. I mustn’t think too hard about all the dough I’ll spend taking trips to NYC.  I can’t & I won’t. It will be so worth it in the end. Truly.


I’ll halt, stop, behave, be good. I know I’ll be great. I’ll do great. I’m nervous & ecstatic at the same time.

I, Hope Marie Kumor, am gearing up to go to the best city to fulfill my dream of becoming a magazine writer. 

STEP 1: Obtain an internship.    [check]

STEP 2: Get a job in this industry.  [later on]

Let’s focus on the task at hand. The thing I’m going for.

I’m with the big boys now!


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