I’m living my dream…

Just 5 hours.

That’s how long ago it was since I left the Big Apple. I feel different. I feel like a bitch, a snob. You would never believe THOSE words coming out of my mouth, would you? New York changes people. There’s no foul play in this state. It’s filled with corporations slashing the others throats and women competing against one another to see who is the better editor. There’s no room for mistakes, mishaps or mess-ups. There’s only room for improvement & perfection. There are many pleases, thank yous and smiles from everyone. Nice, friendly people.

It doesn’t get any better, right?!


I couldn’t ask for a better position right now. After all, I’m interning at a great place with nice people & an excellent location.

Look around! Do you see the sun shining up above? The birds? The cold, winter chill as you see Times Square? It’s the perfect place for dreams to be met. It’s MY place. It’s MY home, or it will be one day.

When I can afford ANYTHING I want, I’ll purchase several brand new items for my parents. They need some new materials. We aren’t poor, just middle class. With extra dough in my pocket, I don’t have to feel bad buying that $100 purse. I can buy, eat & choose whatever I want.

I can’t wait until that day!

MY dreams are happening right now. I’m interning at a magazine & I can hardly believe it. So.. this is what it’s like. I’ve got to be damn good to be in this position, right?! All you need is one shot. One chance & I received it.

I’m living my dream…

Wake up, I say to myself while I splash cold water in my face, This can’t be happening. It’s a dream, a fantasy I’m living in. 

Then, my alarm goes off at 6:00 a.m. and I must get ready to take the 7:19 a.m. train to NYC to go to work! Yes, it’s real. It’s occurring as we speak.

No pranks, jokes or gimics, this IS happening.

Holy crap, I hear myself say. But, it’s true!

Again, I’m living my dream!


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