Our first Valentine’s Day.

It comes once a year and it’s filled with couples holding hands, sharing hugs, kisses & laughter and flowers of course. It’s the big V-day aka Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re single or in a fresh, new relationship, let’s celebrate it right with the ones we love.

Everyone goes gaga over this particular holiday because it symbolizes love. This is the one day that men and women exchange gifts & presents with love attached. But, why is it just on this day that we need to remember to say I love you? Why can’t we say it every day? Well, you can, but most tend to emphasize it more so on this day rather than other days.

In the last two years, I’ve braved this holiday solo. I’ve been unattached & without a partner by my side. However, this year is different because I have a man.

On February 22nd, it will be 4 months. Can you believe that I’ve spent four months with this boy? No, I can hardly believe it too.

I remember we spoke about Valentine’s Day months ago. I remember saying, if we’re still together. I wasn’t sure where this path would lead us. I wasn’t sure if it would be bumpy or flat. I know that it’s been a little rough with the distance part, but I’d say that it’s going great.

Now that I’ve joined the dozens of people who have partners, I feel more included & excited about this holiday. I’m actually part of half the population with the significant others. I feel special & important.

After all, this is our first Valentine’s Day and I plan to make it the best yet!

Happy Valentine’s Day.


Hope Marie.


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