I’m a bit disheveled. That’s me

Doubts. They stayed. They were here. They were present. They arrived, but never left. I had an entire week to think, ponder, write, decide what I wanted to do. Would I do it? Could I do it? Was I strong enough to go through with it? Annoyed. Frustrated. Irritated. Mad. Pissed. I kept talking. Building up my strength to really do it. I had to … Continue reading I’m a bit disheveled. That’s me

I’m not ready..

Hot, Cold, Sad, Mad, Pissed, Happy, Annoyed, Glad, Up, Down, Left, Right, Smiley, Grumpy, Angry, Excited. This is me from day-to-day. One moment I’m so annoyed that I can barely see straight and then the next minute I’m happier than a high man. I switch, change, become a different person. Why? Am I bipolar, I ask myself in the mirror. No? Why does my mood change so sporadically?  … Continue reading I’m not ready..

Ahhh!–Those thoughts on graduating in one month…

I’m terrified to grow up. There, I said it. It’s out in the open. No longer do I need to modify, hide my thoughts, feelings about graduating in one month exactly, today actually– May 16, 2013 and going off into the work force. I’ll join the crowd of hungry graduates yearning for jobs in their field. Sending resume after resume after resume and cover letter … Continue reading Ahhh!–Those thoughts on graduating in one month…

How quickly the doubts went away.

Doubts. Feeling unsure, piercing throughout my entire body. There one day, gone the next. Then, he walks in my room with a blue striped button down short sleeve shirt and everything changes. With a smile on his face, he kisses me on the cheek. All of the doubts, the uncertainty, the break-up thoughts disintegrate, they disappear. He sits close and asks for a hug. It’s … Continue reading How quickly the doubts went away.