I miss Temple University.

Again, Again & Again.

While sleeping, the memories came back. I swear, it just felt like yesterday. I was in school. I was beginning the second half of my senior year at Temple. I was happy to end the studying, paper writing, spending countless hours in my room and the reading, reading and more reading. I’d never have to pick up another novel to read ever again. I was glad. However, then, I really thought about it. ALL OF IT.

Nope. I’m a dope, stupid, dumb, ridiculous girl to keep thinking about my Temple days continuously reminiscing about the whole experience. I just ended the semester. I swear. It was just last week when I was starting to write my 20 page paper for Phil’s class. It ‘s so painful– still. STILL.

You see, Temple & I just ended a 2-year relationship. We experienced several new venues in life. Being a Staff Writer for Her Campus Temple, having a 6-month romance with a guy, writing for The Temple News and Templar Annual, interning for Good Housekeeping Magazine, meeting several new people, becoming accustomed  to the city, train rides, classes and food trucks. I’m so heartbroken over Temple. THAT’S IT! Bingo. I’ve hit the nail on the head. I ended a 2-year relationship & I still haven’t gotten over it. It might take me some time because Dear Ol’ Temple was good to me. He was so pleasant & nice & I was IN LOVE with him. I put all of my efforts & hard work into him. I love you dearly Temple. I miss you soooo much. The hurt feeling won’t go away for a while, so try to stick with me as I go through this hardship. Please be there for me like I was for you.



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