Push those thoughts out of mind, out of sight.

A group of us hung out last Friday night. He invited me out. I haven’t hung out with him in a while, so I figured I’d tag along to one of these “Meet-up” groups. Why not?

There’s still something there. I don’t believe it’s technically romantic, but I feel it. He flirts with me mostly, but at times, I do flirt back. It’s all in fun. He has no luck with girls. I’ve already had one or two dates since him and a boyfriend. No, I don’t want a boyfriend right now. I’d rather just have fun.

When we get there, we find out that it’s only three other guys, him and I. That’s all. But, then, another girl comes. She just graduated & she’s cute. Maybe a little bit out of his league.

Then, one of the guys asked how him & I know each other. I didn’t want to cock block him, so I didn’t say anything. He said those words, we used to date. The whole table was shocked. “How could you be friends with your ex?” She told me she didn’t want a relationship right now. Cool, Me either! She was pretty cool.

As the night went forward and we went to another bar, him & I laughed together when we talked about past memories. All was well. He let me drive his car home since he wanted to go to a concert and I couldn’t because I worked early the next morn. He asked me if he should ask her on a date. Um. She didn’t seem interested,

BUT, to my surprise, when the group hung out the next night as well, she told another girl she was interested in him. Um. Really? That was news to me. I think she felt strange because he was my ex.

So, he was going on a date with this girl. I’m jealous he has a date & I don’t. No, I’m not going there. Nah, I just. I don’t know. Who is this girl anyway? Come on, girl, you can’t break up our friendship. No way.  I’m trying to ask myself how I’m feeling about this. What are these feelings? You’re gross. Push them away. I swear, I’m trying.





Push those nasty feelings away.

Push those thoughts out of mind, out of sight.


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