Is something good ahead?

It’s coming. I feel it. I taste it. I smell it. I can’t tell you what it is or describe it, but something is coming up.

I’m almost 24 years old and just graduated with a BA in English and have an AD in Journalism. Honestly, this summer I’ve had ups & downs, twists & turns, lefts & rights. It’s been disgusting, yet exciting at the same time. I’m depressed one minute and happy the next. I want to be a writer, with every bone in my body, yet at times, I don’t feel like it. I don’t feel like going through all the pain, agony & hardship of pursuing a career in magazine writing, which takes an extremely long time to break into.

This is my plan– I’m going  to apply for various fall internships in magazine writing. If I don’t obtain ANY, I’m going to continue writing for my sites– Buster & Ellie, The Health Ring, Get Fit Get Life AND freelance for my newspaper. I believe that as long as I continue writing & pushing forward, I should be okay. I just NEED to keep at it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  I CANNOT let it slip through my fingers. As I sit here and write this, I feel good. I feel accomplished. I feel great.

It seems my brothers are traveling to Colombia and Peru for two weeks. One week in Colombia & one week in Peru. It’s safe to say that I’m EXTREMELY jealous & just want to go with them. Two things– I don’t have the money right now (always the damn issue) and I don’t have a passport. It sucks. I can’t even describe to you how JEALOUS I am that they’re going without me.

But, the summer breeze tells me something is up ahead. There is something in the air that I feel. It’s strong & I can’t push it away. My hope is that it’s a positive thing. Gosh, I hope good things are up ahead. Come on, baby! Let’s have some fun.

On August 21, I turn 24. 2-4! That’s insane! I don’t want to turn 24, but obviously I have to.

I just want my brothers to go so I don’t have to hear them talk about their upcoming trip. They leave Thursday morning and won’t return until August 21. Yes, they return on the morning of my birthday. I’m well aware that they will both be depressed & unhappy, but then, they’ll know how I felt.

As I write this, I hear my brothers talking about the trip. I try to close my ears so I don’t have to hear of the exciting plans, but it’s pretty hard not to pay attention. I’m trying to just concentrate on my writing, but it’s not easy with them talking! 

I would love to get away from here for a few days. I believe my friend Jess & I are going away for my birthday. I’M 100% positive that I’d love to get away from here for a few days….








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