Depressed and lonely.

As I write this, the clock reads 12:11 a.m.  and I’m listening to music with the volume as loud as I want.

No brothers are asleep. No voices are heard in the other room. No cell phone chirping goes off in the room next door. No television or video games are playing. 

My two brothers are in Colombia visiting my older brothers girlfriend. From August 8th- August 14th, they are both in Colombia and then August 14- August 20th, they will travel to Peru to meet my younger brother’s girlfriend. I’ve been jealous, lonely, sad, depressed ever since they left because I so badly wanted to accompany them on this huge trip. It was something so huge I wanted to take part of but couldn’t due to money and a passport. 

A few days ago, tears streamed down my face as I heard them speak about the trip and all the fun activities. My life seems BORING compared to what they are doing. What? I go to work, hang out with friends, but I’m doing nothing compared to them.

I can’t even begin to tell you how I feel about them being there and me being here. I’ve always been jealous when my brothers left me out. This is just devastatingly depressing. I just keep thinking how it’s going to be when they get home. They will both be even more depressed than me. 

It’s Sunday. They only have 4 days left in Colombia and then they move onto Peru. How will my older brother feel?

Stay tuned!


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