Now, I’m trying to build my confidence.

Who am I?  Hope Marie Kumor

What do I want? To be a magazine writer/nutritionist

Where am I going? In the magazine industry/blogging world

What am I doing? Trying to find a writing job

I’m trying to dig deep. Dig deep into myself in order to truly find happiness, search for myself in myself. I need to begin loving myself. Having a boyfriend wouldn’t be so smart of me. Before I do anything, I must love myself. How can I ever expect a man to love me if I can’t even accept myself? I’m not comfortable in my own skin & it’s ugly. I need to start being positive, thinking positive thoughts about my appearance.

I’m sitting in a diner with my bestie, without much makeup on, nor pink or red lips reading the menu when this man walks by and tells me I’m pretty. Hardly any makeup & no fancy lips. How is that possible? I didn’t think I looked that good, but apparently, someone else noticed. 

Thank you, sir. Now I just have to believe these compliments. Believe that I’m pretty, beautiful, smart, ambitious, cute, funny, sweet,  and intelligent. I must see it & believe it.

I am Hope Marie Kumor and I am smart, nice, funny, beautiful, pretty, cute, intelligent, sweet, kind, good-natured, and awesome. I am a pretty cool chick!

Now, I just have to build my confidence and stop downing and doubting who I am. Be you. Be positive. Be radiant.


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