Come to me, my dear sir!

I was confused, annoyed, frustrated, weird, strange, odd. I didn't know what I wanted & I still don't. I haven't a clue where I'm going, what I'm doing, what's ahead, but I've found that most haven't any idea. No one truly knows their path. It's difficult to find. There are bumps & curves along the… Continue reading Come to me, my dear sir!


I’m starting to love myself.

I sat and waited. Waited until I blasted my brains out. I'd constantly check my email about 4-5 times per day, always refreshing the page, but nothing came. I thought the interview went quite well, but so did the one before that and the other one. I was annoyed that I wasn't getting my answer.… Continue reading I’m starting to love myself.

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I think I’m done with relationships. I think.

He seemed perfect in almost every way. He showed the same interests as me and was virtually me. He seemed to be the male version of me. Smart. Sweet. Nice. Funny. Cool. Intellectual. Cute. Into Health & Fitness. Generous. Kind. But, then, in a matter of a few hours something changed, altered. This perfect guy… Continue reading I think I’m done with relationships. I think.