UPDATE: Life Is Changing.

Wow. Whoosh. It’s July. In fact, July is almost over. I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged lately. I apologize. Will you forgive me?

Things That You’ve Missed–

1) I obtained a job. Yup. Lil ol’ Hope Kumor finally landed a FT gig. Can you believe it? I cannot. Still. It’s a company called 1seo.com. I am a content writer. Essentially, I write press releases, blogs and promote our company via social media. Literally, it’s 6 minutes from where I live, I can wear whatever attire I choose, it’s not a strict corporate environment, my co-workers are nice, I work with mostly men and it’s an internet marketing company, which I’m interested in. I’m entering my 3rd week. I’m becoming more confident and comfortable too. My director is awesome too!

2) The boyfriend and I have gotten closer. Brett and I have been through a lot. We’ve had ups and downs. He might lose his job, but I’ll still be there by his side cheering him on. He has until the end of July and then he finds out the fate of his company. Will they crumble and shut down completely or will another company pick them up? We’ll soon find out. His parents love me. I get along with his siblings. We’re planning on getting an apartment, but need to see what happens with his job. If he signs on with another company, we’re set. Then, we can move forth with our plans. We’ve gotten so much closer now though. On July 30th, it will be 8 months. While that might not sound too long, I’m so in love with him. Sure he pisses me off, but doesn’t anyone at some point? Hell yeah! His sister’s wedding is in less than a month and I cannot wait to celebrate it with his family. I still remain the “new girl.” I haven’t met all of his family yet, so that day will be big for me as well. Now, remember, Emily gets the attention, not me. Just sayin’. I’ve been staying over his house more often and his parents don’t care.

There are days I literally feel as if I cannot live without him. Do you ever get like that? I need, want, have to have him.  It rarely happens, but when it does, its strong. I hate it. I don’t want to completely rely on him, but there are times I really, really miss him. Come on.


Who wouldn’t miss THAT face??

3) I’m becoming more into health & fitness. I’ve been thinking more about dieting and exercising. I’m going to start going to the gym more and pushing myself. So, I worked 10 hours? I don’t care, I still need to head to the gym because I’m both committed and motivated. I’m working on my core more. I’m also burning more calories and trying to eat less processed and healthier foods. I’ve started to research health & fitness. I want to find out more about it and know what I’m talking about.

4) I’m connecting with tons more people and am going to more events. Recently, I interviewed Katie Yip and Idalis Velazquez, two finalists for Women’s Health Magazine Next Fitness Star. I’d be excited if either one of them won. Voting ends on August 1st. So, I attended one of Katie’s pilates classes and spoke with her by phone. In May, I attended WH’s Fusion Fest and interviewed Idalis! But, later on, I spoke with her by phone as well and wanted to get the scoop on her. So I asked more questions and got the low down on her health and fitness journey. I was so thrilled to interview both of these lovely ladies. In August, I’ll be heading to the Hamptons (have to 100% confirm it though). I’m connecting with more folks in my industry and not afraid to reach out and speak with others!!


See how committed I’m becoming? #justsayin

Also, in a month, I’ll be 25. Holy freekin cow. 2-5. On August 21st, I’ll turn the BIG 2-5. Also, at the end of August, it will be 9 months for Brett & I. #crazy

Anyway, so sorry I’ve been MIA.

If you’d like to chat more, I would be more than thrilled to.

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Happy reading!



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