One Year Later.

8/31/2014-- Last Day of August. 10 Days since I turned 25. Unofficial last day of summer. A year since I went to the Poconos with my bestie. One year since I claimed that I didn't need nor want a man. I wanted to be "independent." Let's travel back to a year ago--   I just… Continue reading One Year Later.

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The 25th Birthday Celebration!

(Unfortunately!) Yes, I said "unfortunately" I'm 25 years old.Being 25 means a few things--1) I'm halfway to 30. (Yippie)2) I have one more year before my health insurance runs out (Sweet!)3) I can rent a car. (Big whoop!)4) I'm now old as dirt.Even though 25 years old means I'm now in my mid-twenties, I'd say my… Continue reading The 25th Birthday Celebration!