The 25th Birthday Celebration!

(Unfortunately!) Yes, I said “unfortunately” I’m 25 years old. Being 25 means a few things– 1) I’m halfway to 30. (Yippie) 2) I have one more year before my health insurance runs out (Sweet!) 3) I can rent a car. (Big whoop!) 4) I’m now old as dirt. Even though 25 years old means I’m now in my mid-twenties, I’d say my 25th birthday was pretty … Continue reading The 25th Birthday Celebration!

I had the time of my life!!

AUGUST 16, 2014– This was a perfect day. Brett’s sister Emily was getting married. She looked absolutely stunning! Check out more pictures here. My day started off sour though when my makeup artist felt sick and cancelled on me. I was all out of sorts while I was over B’s house. He started to get ready as I figured out how I’d get my makeup/hair … Continue reading I had the time of my life!!

My Daily Scoop.

APARTMENT. Our Apartment Hunt is finally complete. We’ve decided on Village of Pennbrook. We are so absolutely & wonderfully happy that we no longer need to search, look. browse the web for apartments. We carefully chose the apartment. It was not a rash decision. Instead, we took our time and researched before jumping into anything. November 2014 we will move in together. Just thinking about … Continue reading My Daily Scoop.

A whole year can really make a difference!

AUGUST 2, 2014 K. (Summer 2013. Let’s go back just for tonight to reflect.) I was single, missing Temple, depressed, up & down, job searching, a brand new college graduate & looking for a relationship. June-July, I was hungry for a guy. I wanted, yearned & needed a guy to feel complete. I wanted someone who I could turn to whenever I was sad. My … Continue reading A whole year can really make a difference!