My Daily Scoop.


Our Apartment Hunt is finally complete. We’ve decided on Village of Pennbrook. We are so absolutely & wonderfully happy that we no longer need to search, look. browse the web for apartments. We carefully chose the apartment. It was not a rash decision. Instead, we took our time and researched before jumping into anything.

November 2014 we will move in together. Just thinking about it excites me. It will be him & I concurring the world together. I’ll come home to him and I’ll absolutely love every single second of it. I know it will whip by.


This Saturday, it’s my boyfriend’s sister’s wedding. I am more excited than he is because I LOVE WEDDINGS! I can’t get enough of them. From the planning, picking of bridesmaids, and the actual day. I cannot wait until my wedding! I am utterly and completely ready for that– not money wise though. Weddings are not cheap! Either way, I’m stoked! Don’t worry, I’ll take PLENTY of photos for you to look through!

I always watch engagements and am extremely jealous. Next Thursday, I turn 25 years old. I’ll be 5 years away from 30. #holyhell

In January, I was in a wedding for my girl Jamie.


(The bride & I at her January 2014 wedding)

But, in my adult years, I haven’t been to a wedding until now. My man is a groomsman and will look ABSOLUTELY handsome. I’ll love seeing him up there standing next to the groom. But, unfortunately, he has to slow dance with his cousin, which he’s so not looking forward to. I’ll be heading there with Justin, his bestie. I won’t get to spend too much time with my man though. I’ll just hang with J. No worries. It will be a good ol’ time.


(I’ll be taking another one of these, but in another dress and him in a suit & tie)

Saturday cannot come fast enough! It will pass by in a flash though. I just know it!

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Oh happy day!


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