24 Years Young.

Tomorrow I turn the Big 2-5. I’ve been thinking, dreading and imagining how I’d spend my 25th birthday, where I’d be living and whether or not I’d have a relationship at this age.

Well, I think I’m in a pretty decent spot. I have to tell you– 24 years old has been the best and worst age by far. 

Worst- Let’s start off with job searching. When I turned 24 years old on August 21, 2013, I was looking for a job. I was unable to find one and along with that, I was extremely confused in the guy department. It had been a few months since I had broken up with Matt and I still missed him. I missed everything about him. But, at the same time, I didn’t want anything to do with men. I was done. I wasn’t sure what was ahead either. I wanted Matt back so badly too!

It was the first fall I hadn’t gone back to school. I was having difficulty dealing with that fact. I swear, I cried. I cried so hard my eyes hurt. I was so lost without Temple University. I didn’t know how to handle anything. I was still working at Barnes & Noble and looking for jobs. I was so utterly depressed between trying to find a job and missing my ex that I was having trouble focusing on other things.

Best- I decided to sign up for a stupid as website, Okcupid.com. I’d go on late at night feeling like total shit. I didn’t tell a soul and just hid behind the screen. On October 6th, I received a message inquiring my passion for health & fitness. Intrigued, I wrote back and began a bond with Brett Evans that I never knew would last this long. I was confused, scared and feared becoming close with another guy. I was so picky and had so many restrictions I told Brett not to do. “Don’t touch me too much. Don’t do this- don’t do that.” He stood by me and agreed not to do what my ex-boyfriend did. But, even still, I wasn’t ready for a relationship and placed him into the friend zone. I was so frightened. It was me. I was scared of myself though.

(I met this amazing man on October 6, 2013. Check out our story here.)

Around the same time, I obtained an internship at Family Circle Magazine. So, from October-April, I traveled to NYC in order to fulfill my dream of becoming a magazine writer! Every Tuesday & Thursday I’d work 10-5:30 and babysit on the side. It didn’t earn me much money, but Brett stood by me. Even when I placed him in the friend zone, he still helped me through a rough period. I dealt with my issues and emotions and brought him back into my life as I interned in the Home Decor Department at FC Magazine.

I was thrilled, happy, excited & energetic when it came to heading to NYC. However, Brett wasn’t so happy because it wasn’t able to pocket any money.

As soon as I obtained my glorious internship in October 2013, I began job searching. I wanted to be prepared earlier than ever just in case. I swear, I looked from November-April and nothing. It didn’t get me anywhere. Sure, I made a bunch of connections and I’ll never forget my wonderful experience either!

I couldn’t find anything. My job search failed while my relationship thrived. I was so depressed. I applied to so many jobs, but it never got me anywhere. I worked as a waitress and barista until I obtained a full-time job.

It took me long enough! Finally, in July 2014, I received a phone call about a content writer job at 1seo.com and I was so thrilled!

But, 24 years old was really rough for me! Let’s hope 25 is better!

I must say though– I have a good job, great friends & family, superb boyfriend and overall decent life, so I can’t really complain!

Anyway, see ya later 24 years old! 25 here I come.

(Yup, that’s me on August 21, 2014!)


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