The 25th Birthday Celebration!

(Unfortunately!) Yes, I said “unfortunately” I’m 25 years old.

Being 25 means a few things–

1) I’m halfway to 30. (Yippie)

2) I have one more year before my health insurance runs out (Sweet!)

3) I can rent a car. (Big whoop!)

4) I’m now old as dirt.

Even though 25 years old means I’m now in my mid-twenties, I’d say my 25th birthday was pretty damn good!

I spent the day with my man, Brett , which was delightful! We ended up heading up to New Hope, PA to taste some good ol’ fashioned wine at The New Hope Winery. Our original plan was to head to Belmar Beach to get a decent tan (have you seen me lately. #whiteasaghsot), but due to the planned rain and my ladies day (ew), it so wasn’t happening. But, you’ll never guess! It turned out to be a nice day without any rain. Of course that would happen!

We first walked on The Lambertville bridge to take some photos and scope out the beautiful shot!


(Simply breathtaking, yes?)


(I loveeee this man so very much! We had to take a #selfie of course).

I’m known for taking several pictures whenever we’re out and about, but then, how else would we document what we do and share some memories? I haveee to!


(But, then, I stood in two different states & I loved it!)

After our adventure, we headed over to the winery, which was delish! We tried fruit wine such as Cherry Blackberry & Strawberry! We decided that we favor wine over beer. Wine is so much better for you and even has antioxidants! We were feeling it a bit and I told him to snap this photo–


(25-year-old here)

He even let me take a picture of him as well.


(Looking all confused there, matey)

We had an awesome time and even toured the wedding venue. It’s crazy to think that Brett & I–almost at 9 months– are speaking about marriage! We want a non-traditional wedding and thought of having it at a winery! It’s uncommon & we both love wine! It’s certainly an idea we’ll keep in the back of our mind. First, we must buy an apartment! That’s our very first step. What happens if we can’t stand living with one another?  We’ll just have to see what happens in the next few months (which is when we’ll move in together! I so cannot wait!)

From there, we walked around Peddler’s Village and went to Cock N Bull. I must tell you one thing though– that restaurant wasn’t the best. I didn’t particularly enjoy the food. Well, you can’t win them all, right?

Later, I particptaed in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with the help of him & his brother. It was so lovely! CHECK OUT MY #ALSICEBUCKETCHALLENGE here–

We finished off the night with some sangria and cuddling. It was one of the best birthdays I’ve had and I’m so happy I found this wonderful man and am so glad he’s in my life. I seriously got so lucky with him! He’s sweet, adorable & very generous!

This awesome man also bought me a GORGEOUS ring, which I L-O-V-E! I love you so much, B!



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