Trying online dating for the hell of it!

I sat in my room secretly signing up for without a soul knowing. I didn’t share this embarrassing information with any other human being. Instead, I kept it under wraps because I felt utterly  & completely desperate to need to resort to an online dating site to meet my match. I felt like crap since I wanted it to happen organically. I did not want to surf the web to find love. Have you heard the horror stories from gals & guys trying out this site? I mean, I have and some are brutal.

Summer 2013, I first tried Plenty of Fish with my bestie, Jess. She convinced me to just try it out and see what happened. I fought with her time & time again. I swore I would NEVER-EVER-EVER resort to an online site. Years ago, my ex told me to try online dating, but I constantly said no, no, no time & time again. I’m telling you, it really took some convincing on my bestie’s part. I avoided it at all costs, but since she was doing it, I just created a profile for the hell of it. Sure, I got loads of messages,but they all contained nasty & disgusting remarks. Sexual ones. Lame ones. Trying-too-hard messages. I was tired of the bullshit. I did not care. I simply felt pathetic logging onto this damn site day in and day out to check message after message.They were all the same. (I posted this via FB)  

September 5th, 2013So, I’ve officially deleted my POF account. It’s time to fully focus on my career. After all, that comes first! Literally, I remember writing this! How absurd to think back to this time in my life. I was struggling and dealing with a ton of various emotions. Sadness. Depression. Separation. Along with that, I was dealing with finding myself, career & leaving my retail job. I was a mess and felt disorganized. In late September, for the hell of it, I decided to sign up for Okcupid. Shhh. MORTIFIED. EMBARRASED. I logged onto the site daily. Whatever. I was not ready to meet someone. I did not want a boyfriend actually. I just did it because  I wanted to chat with boys & have fun. Never did I think I’d meet someone. Never did I think I could actually meet “the one” on this stupid & ridiculous online dating site. On October 6th, 2013, YES I SO REMEMBER IT LIKE IT WAS YESTERDAY, a message came through and I never looked back. Friends. Potential. Back to friends. Back to Potential. Boyfriend/Girlfriend. Lovers. Soulmate. You cannot predict the future. You just never know what could happen. It just worked out for Brett & I and I never take him for granted! love

(They call it love, it’s THAT simple!) #love #bliss #boyfriend #happiness To learn more about our love story check out these sites– I Gave Online Dating A Second Chance Dating After College: My Experience With Online Dating Online Dating is More Than just Ok (Cupid) #dating #onlinedating  Be sure to Email me–