Things have changed in the past year.

K. So. Let’s see here… one year ago yesterday, OCTOBER 16TH, was THE first time I hung out with my now-boyfriend. We met at Planet Fitness in Langhorne. Literally, this guy thought I wouldn’t show. He kept saying that over & over again. When it comes to dates, I’m damn good!

At 12:30, we were set to meet at PF, work out and enjoy some scrumptious food at TGI Fridays! I was scared shitless & nervous to the core. He tried calling me two nights before that, but I was too frightened to pick it, Um. I have to say, I hate talking on the phone, but now, it’s different. I love hearing Brett’s voice. Though, I’d so rather hang with him face-to-face, but it’s better than a text message. Therefore, on the days we can’t see each other, I look forward to our phone calls. But, before, I was petrified like a child.

I was sort of hiding in the locker room before he texted me and told me to quit hiding! (How did he know?)  When we came face-to-face, he hugged me stating how cute I actually was. Literally, we hit it off. We were off to the races and walked on the treadmill first. Oh, boy, I remember it. I remember EVERYTHING about it,–from start to finish.

We chatted. Worked out. And, most of all, it was not awkward at all. In fact, it’s NEVER been awkward. Ever. I could talk to him every day & never get tired if him.

You see, most girls want a guy. They’re yearning, desiring, looking & longing to be in a committed relationship. They often dream of a Nicholas Sparks romance like in the movies. Who doesn’t want that kind of love though? I know it’s not reality, but everyone can fantasize how they’d like it to be. As I stated before— on several occasions— I got damnnn lucky with my man.

I think back to how I was a year ago. Do you ever do that? Think back to how you once were. I mean, I was a sad sap.  Desperate. Looking for a guy to fulfill my void. I was in search of something, but couldn’t figure it out.  TBH– I’m still in search of something; careerwise. What the hell is it? Will I ever get it? Will I ever obtain my dream gig? If so, when? When will it happen? I’m sick of waiting. Sick of looking, soul-searching & yearning for it.

I mean, I’ve found the one. He’s everything I need & more. I’m just trying to think 2013 Hope Kumor. I was different. I had just met Brett Evans. How the fuck could I have put this guy in the friend zone? I cannot believe that happened, but it did. It’s real. It’s reality. He did not have to accept my date. Our third date was a “double date” with my bestie and her man. I simply asked him if he’d like to tag along. My bestie told me not to give up on him.

It was me. I was messed up. I was so indecisive & still am. But, to think that I could have ruined everything makes me absolutely sick. I would have regret it. I knew there something there, but I was so fucking scared. I’m telling you. I was caught up in my dream of becoming a magazine writer and trying to decide if I wanted or needed a boyfriend. I was all out of sorts living my New York dream. You see, my career always came first. Well, that was until I met the love of my life, Brett. He altered me, but in a good way. He taught me so much. I learned about myself through him.

I once had notes on my mirror stating, “You are gorgeous” “You are beautiful” “Love yourself.” He entered my room, saw them & asked why they were there. Um. I wasn’t so confident. There are days I feel more confident than others. But, I must tell you, a year ago, I was not as confident as I am now. 

Brett taught me to love myself, dress more confident and not to be afraid to grow the hell up. He also taught me I’m a lot better looking than I found myself to be. He was my teacher &  professor teaching me something every day! I love him for it. I fell in love with his mind, body & soul.

Things have changed. Yes, they’ve changed a lot in the past year!







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