I must feel more confident!

Let’s talk about Confidence.

To you, what is the definition of confidence? Is it being comfortable in your own skin? Is it constantly telling yourself you’re good enough, you’re worth it, you’re pretty enough? To me, confidence is about being about to walk into a room and not give two shits what anyone says or perceives you. You walk around with your head held high while others shoot you down. Literally, nothing can bring you down and no matter what anyone says, thinks of does, it will NEVER bring you down. Literally.

Brett & I have this conversation all. the time. Hope, you must start feeling more confident with yourself. He can tell me over & over how pretty, beautiful, etc I am, but still, there’s a blockage.

You would be surprised to hear this actually, even the thinnest girl isn’t the most confident. So, I’m on the thin side and believe to be attractive. However, even at a size 3, I still feel pounchy. You’d be shocked at the things that circle around my brain. So… I’m thin, what does that have to do with confidence? I know thin is in, but the thinnest, fittest person in the world may pretend to display confidence, meanwhile, they’re dying inside.

Let me tell you something– I’ve dealt with lacking confidence my entire life. From when I was young until now, I’ve struggled to find myself appealing. That was until Brett came along and kept showing me and reminding me how attractive and pretty I am. I’ve had hidden behind it because I didn’t want to be known as a slut. But, how would I be a slut if I occasionally wear those clothes? I need to stop overanalyzing situations so much, stop bringing myself down & stop telling myself that I MUST improve in X,Y & Z. It will drive me crazy & nuts.

If Brett sees it and I’m often reminded of my apperance on a daily basis, why don’t I believe it? Well, it’s time. Enough with the bullshit, on all accounts. Enough is enough. It’s always the same damn thing over & over & over. JUST STOP.


(Displaying Confidence on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine!)



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