Things that make me feel HAPPY.

Things that make me feel HAPPY:


1) Coffee


2) A cup of tea in the morning or in the evening

3) Spending time with Brett


4) Hanging Christmas lights with my dad

5) Listening to Christmas music

6) Working out

7) Writing

8) Reading magazines such as CosmopolitanSelfFitnessHealth

9) S-E-X. (shhhhh)

10) Talking about life

11) Traveling

12) Beautiful scenery

13) Cooking/Baking healthy recipes

14) Volunteering for organizations

15) Attending events for Small Chick Big Deals and writing about them

16) Listening to music

17) Cuddling next to Brett


18) Spending time with my family

19) Enjoying the simple pleasure life has to offer such as enjoying a home-cooked meal surrounded by family, friends & Brett.

20) Sipping on some good ol’ wine with friends

21) Visiting New York City!


Today, I’ve decided to take the time and write all of the things in life that make me smile. Most of the time, I feel frustrated/unhappy with my life, but I wanted to switch it up a bit today. I know I should stop being so negative since other people have it 10 times worse than myself, but I cannot help it sometimes.

Therefore, I’m reflecting on all the good things happening in my life at the moment. How many people can say that have supportive parents, great friends and an AWESOME boyfriend who would literally do ANYTHING for them? Not too many. I should stop thinking of the bad so much and focus more on the good.

I’m going to try to and I believe YOU should as well! Take the time to list all the things that make YOU happy in life and send me the list. I’d love to hear from you! Email me at

Happy Writing! XOXO


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