Always Believe You Can!

If I had time to do what I truly desire to do, I believe I would have written a novel by now. I haven’t a clue as to what it would be called, but I know it would be great.

In general, I must have more confidence in myself as well as my writing.

I went to school for about 6 years. Well, first it was a Community College and then a University, so I should know a thing or two about writing.

The thing is, my high school sort of messed me up. It never taught me how to formulate a proper sentence. And, no, I’m not going to sit here and completely lay the blame on my HS because I could have set aside time and learn more about my passion. It’s partially my fault and I accept responsibility.


This year, I plan on relying more so on myself instead of others. I must become an adult and accept more responsibilities and defend myself for Pete sake. Maybe in a way, I don’t believe I’m worth defending, which sound absolutely pathetic, don’t ya think? I AM WORTH IT. I must begin asking myself what truly makes me happy and then go after it.

I’m never one to settle. I’m so sorry to those who are too afraid to go after their dreams. You should never be scared to take chances. So, you fail. Okay, it will teach you something!

I am 25 years old and I have a lot to learn. I will grow as a person as well as a writer. I want to better myself in all avenues. I want to inspire others to live their dream and not just sit back and imagine them.

Go after what you believe it and ALWAYS ALWAYS believe you can do it!




4 thoughts on “Always Believe You Can!

  1. I actually have a question about the Levittown now. I’ve read a few of their posts and I have a question about one in particular. Really enjoyed your blog……although I thought it was a bit odd…you’re a writer but not? I don’t get it

    1. Hello– Thanks so much! I am a writer. At times, I just don’t believe I’m a good writer, What’s your question?

    2. Gosh, I forgot all about my question. I understand that at times it may be hard to believe that what we’re attempting to create is art. As an artist everyone isn’t always going to like your work. However, I took the time to read one of your posts …..IT Happened to Me and I can honestly say it is inspiring. It makes me believe that I or anyone who puts their mind to it for that matter can actually be a writer. As for my prior question, I found the journalist who wrote the story and have followed up with him. Keep up the good work! Believe in yourself, you truly are a writer : )

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