What Am I Truly Good At?

I’m a thinker, a die-hard, hardcore, cannot-stop, thinker who thinks about everything under the sun and more. That’s how I’ve always been and I believe that’s how I’ll always be.

Yesterday, during work, I thought about what I’m truly good at and as sad as it sounds, I couldn’t come up with anything. Sure, I’m a decent writer, but there’s always room for improvement.

The other day, I asked a friend of mine to look over an article I’d like to submit to HelloGiggles on body image. When she emailed me the article back, I was embarrassed.  Most of it was in RED. There were too many edits to count. That really brought me down because what the hell did I go to school for 3 years for? To have extreme edits done to my articles?

She told me the following, “That red is going to make you become a BETTER writer.”

“The red says, “I’m learning.” Don’t you ever give up.”

 “When I started, I swear to god- EVERYTHING was red. I would beat myself up. That’s not allowed.”

And, this, “I think you are a good writer simply because you want to tell the world your story.”

I was chatting with the boyfriend last night telling him about this conversation. I simply said, “And, I couldn’t list the things I’m truly good at.” Like, what the hell am I good at?

Well, I did note Journalism. I know how to interview people, which questions to ask and how to write-up a good ol’ fashioned article afterward. So, maybe that’s what I’m good at. But, I must say that it truly hurts questioning your worth. It hurts feeling as if you have no skills whatsoever when you’ve gone to school for 6 years! I’m sure I’m good at other things, but I just can’t think of them. How sad.

I think I’d like to venture back into the magazine industry. I’d love to be engrossed in fashion, beauty, health & fitness and I feel important once again. I truly feel like crud. That doesn’t sound so optimistic in my book.

Therefore,  I must change it instead of what I used to do: Complain. I’d complain until the crows came out and I wanted everyone to feel sorry and pity me. Nope, I can no longer do that because guess what, you don’t feel sorry for me, instead you plainly think I’m pathetic.

So, let’s re-think and re-evaluate my situation. Let’s breath in and out and come back. I must focus more on writing and reading. It’s difficult to work a FT job and commit to both, but I must do what I have to do.




2 thoughts on “What Am I Truly Good At?

  1. It takes practice to be good at something. To be really good takes years. Going to school doesn’t make someone a good writer. Experience, wisdom, growing, practice, jobs, these are the things that allow someone to gain footing in the world of words. I know people who went to college and aren’t smart, I know people who didn’t go to college who are smart. School doesn’t give you a free pass into being talented. That takes time and hard work. While you need to work on your writing skills, and how you structure your work, you do have the drive that it takes to one day BECOME a good writer. Something you are good at is having a lot to say. Caring enough about your voice to want to share it, no matter what. It will take that motivation to get to where you need to be later. Keep writing, keep practicing. Use that motivation to help craft your talent.

    1. Hello Anna Beth- Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out! I do greatly appreciate your words! I know you’re right. It will take some time and dedication to become a better writer and I’m willing to do just that.


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