What’s your take?

So, you go to school for 4 years to major in a particular subject that you choose as your career. You work your ass off, stay up late every night, try not to party too hard, keep your head in the game and just be social.    BUT…….

What happens if after 4 years of schooling, you no longer want to say be an English teacher?

I started my college career going to a local community college for 3 years. Then, once I received my Associates degree, I decided to attend a University to receive a Bachelor’s degree. At the end of my college days, I left with an Associates in Journalism and a Bachelors in English.  You would think with two degrees under my belt, I would have found a “career.”  No, this isn’t about me not being able to locate a job using my degree. It’s more so for those who find out they no longer want a job in what they pursued in college for years. 

Wasting tons of money and realizing you actually hate that career is absolutely devastating. 

One of my besties went to school to become a teacher. She took all the classes and took the teaching exam, but then, figured out she no longer had a passion for teaching. It’s so frightening to be so sure about your life and then one day, you wake up and want something different.  It makes you feel so lost and empty inside. It will eat at you until you find something you love. Will you ever find the “perfect career?” I don’t think so. I believe you’ll find a good job, but it won’t be “perfect.” Something will always make it shitty such as crappy co-workers, mean boss, dirty atmosphere, or tasks you hate doing.

At this point in my life, I’m just hoping to find something I enjoy. I desire to find a career in health & fitness. That’s been my passion for years now. Writing will always be number one, but health & fitness isn’t far behind.

So, essentially, I’m just hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

What’s your take? 



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