Deciding What I Want

How do you truly know if you're ever making the right decision? Also, what the heck is "the right decision?" How will you ever know the right direction to take? I suppose not. Life is about taking chances, screwing up and being strong enough to pick up the pieces. At times, you question whether or… Continue reading Deciding What I Want


Death of a Cat

Death. Such a horrid thing. People die every day, every hour, in fact, every minute. We often cannot accept someone close to us passing away, but we take our mind off of it by distracting ourselves. We deal with death in various ways. Some may break down and cry and others might pretend as of… Continue reading Death of a Cat


The 14 Ingredients of a Lasting Relationship

So, I was chatting with a fellow blogger and we decided to publish guest posts for one another. She wrote this fabulous article about the key components to a lasting relationship! Feel free to follow her blog! by Chelsea Hetzel http://inspirationindulgence.com It is truly a blessing if you find someone in life who you are… Continue reading The 14 Ingredients of a Lasting Relationship