5 Reasons Why Being The Nice Girl Just Plain Sucks

By Hope Kumor At times, being the nice girl may work in your favor, but not when your co-workers are talking s*** behind your back and you haven’t a clue how to stick up for yourself. Sure, some may say “kill them with kindness.” While that could be the case in some instances, it won’t get you anywhere with others who have no soul. Let’s … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Being The Nice Girl Just Plain Sucks

Why can’t you “have it all?”

Who says you can’t have it all? All being: A great job, good partner, excellent friends and family and ultimately, a superb life. I know that nothing is perfect and I would never want it to be because perfect is just plain boring. Do you ever feel as if you have so much potential yet, no one is willing to give you a chance? Now, … Continue reading Why can’t you “have it all?”

The 14 Ingredients of a Lasting Relationship

So, I was chatting with a fellow blogger and we decided to publish guest posts for one another. She wrote this fabulous article about the key components to a lasting relationship! Feel free to follow her blog! by Chelsea Hetzel http://inspirationindulgence.com It is truly a blessing if you find someone in life who you are compatible with. Believe it or not, love can potentially add … Continue reading The 14 Ingredients of a Lasting Relationship

Balancing Relationships and Studies

By Hope Kumor So we’re in the midst of pursuing a career in the major we’ve chosen. There is always homework to do, work to attend, situations that can’t help but arise and friends who complain that they never see you anymore. But on top of all that, you have to make time for a particular somebody that plays an important role in your life: … Continue reading Balancing Relationships and Studies