“You Da One that I dream about all day”

So, uh, do YOU believe in “the one” concept? Whether you do or you don’t, I’d love to know! Ready my article from Her Campus Temple (April 2013) and then email me: hopeandlove89@gmail.com!

“You Da One that I dream about all day”

Is there such thing as “the one?”

Everyone throws around this idea of “the one.” Who are we kidding? There can’t be just one person that comes into our lives and creates a special feeling inside of us that we don’t want to let go. How could there be just one person that rocks our world? We’ve seen instances where couples get married thinking the other is the one, but divorce a few years later and then find their true soulmate. But doesn’t that defeat the purpose of believing in “the one?”

“I can’t imagine being without my husband and I would consider him to be my soulmate,” Maria Fuqua, an English major says. ”Although if he died or if we did get divorced I think I would try my best to believe that there was someone else out that that could make just as happy or more happy then he did.”

We may marry someone believing in this notion of ‘the one,’ but as Fuqua mentions, if your significant other passes away, you must move on and find someone else. But, in a way, wouldn’t that mean that you’re almost as compatible with someone else as you were with your first husband? People may mistake this term ‘soulmate’ for “compatibility.” Let’s face it; you get along well with some people and not so much with others, that’s the way it works.

“I think there are certain people that are compatible with you, but I think life choices effect if you will ever meet certain people who are compatible with you,” says Fuqua.

Several people have different ideas when it comes to this topic. You either believe in the term “the one” or you don’t, simple as that.

“I don’t believe that we can have two soulmates,” says Noe Garcia, journalism major. “I believe that people can be unsure at first and can marry the wrong person, but overall I believe we only have one soulmate.”

This brings us back to people like Kim Kardashian, who we assume married the “wrong guy,” right? Maybe she thought Kris Humphries was her soulmate, but she ended up being incorrect since they got divorced 72 days later. You see, movies, the media and reality television display a sort of fakeness when it comes to relationships that leaves us yearning and longing for that type of love. Guess what folks? It’s an unrealistic portrayal. We know not to listen to media outlets telling us what real love is or isn’t. We saw how much in love Kim was, but things change, people change.

This age long debate as to whether or not there is just one special person in your life boils down to connection. You must be honest with yourself and ask “what do I want in a guy or girl?” You must be true to yourself before you find that great love. If not, you may end up divorced in less than 72 days.

“I truly think that when people can be completely honest with themselves, despite situations that have made them jaded, they would say that they hope there is a “one” out there for them,” says Fuqua.


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