Top 5 Things On My Mind.

At a given moment, I’d tell you the top 5 things on my mind: Money, Job, Boyfriend, Family & My Car. There’s never a day that goes by that I don’t work about that green thin piece of paper. Money is at the top of my list and don’t lie and say it isn’t at the peak of yours as well!

Questions surface such as:  How will I pay for student loans? How will I pay for my insurance? How can I earn more money? How can I support myself when I’m getting a measly amount of money?  Will I ever be able to splurge a tiny bit?

I can tell you one thing: I never spend money on myself.

I simply purchase the essentials and save the rest. I’m a saver rather than a spender. Sure, it’s a good thing, but it’s also a bad thing because everyone desires to be treated once-in-a-while, right? I just don’t because I cannot afford it.

I’m learning to appreciate the others around me who are helping me with money. My boyfriend tends to pay for most things because he knows I cannot afford it. It’s very sweet as well. My parents also occasionally give me money. NOW! You must know something: I never-ever ask for money. I am not like that at all. They simply hand it over and walk away not allowing me to give it back. They do not want it back. Therefore, I’m feeling grateful for the people around me because some people have 0 support from family and friends.

My car has been having issues and I got it not too long ago. It stalled out the other day and had to be towed. The good thing is it didn’t cost me a dime because it’s under warranty.

I’m not complaining around all the “bad things” happenings. I’m just telling you what’s been on my mind lately. What about you?

What are the TOP 5 THINGS ON YOURS?



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