The “D” word

So, it’s 2015, have you started your diet back up? Or, are you on a fad diet? Regardless of where you are with your diet plans, take some time to read my article from Her Campus Temple (March 2012.)

The “D” Word

Every New Year’s you hear that D-word coming out of everyone’s mouth. They try to commit to it, but somehow, it falls short. You know, diet? Noelia Blanco, Social work major would know, after all, she’s tried it. And, this year, dieting is one of her resolutions.

“I do want to get toned and cut back on sweets,” Blanco says.

For a while, her and her brother followed a diet book that supplied recipes, but gave up because they had to purchase the food.

“We had to cook certain foods.” Blanco says. “It was [just] more difficult to cook meals.”

Now-a-days, there are all types of fad diets such as the Jell-o diet which according to, dieters claim that you can lose up to 20 lbs. in 20 days by eating only Jell-O. I mean, that sounds like an ideal diet to me, only consuming this dessert, but where’s your protein and the fat that you need to make your body full? You need to eat some fat in order to burn it off!

Instead of listening to that current list of quirky diets to lose those few stubborn pounds, try these tips on for size.

1. Drink more cold water. There are no calories in water and instead of choosing that lemonade, which is mostly made up of sugar, substitute it for water. Throughout the day, sip on cold water to fill yourself up.

2.When you go to Fresh Grocer, always check the food labels. Otherwise, you’ll have no idea how many calories are in that bag of chips you buy on a regular basis.

3.  While ordering your latte at Starbucks, don’t eyeball the pastry case. Trust me; it will save you about 200 calories or

4.  According to, research from Penn State suggests that eating bigger portions of food will help you feel fuller longer. So, instead of eating that massive bag of chips, opt for the big salad!

While dieting, remember to keep this list in mind. Just don’t over obsess about not losing weight right away, it takes time. If you’re following a diet, remain committed and stick to your goals. Overtime, you’ll achieve your weight goal of 15 pounds before your eyes!


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