Trainer Advice: Workout Motivation

By Hope Kumor


I sit in my bed contemplating whether I should head to the gym or fall back asleep. It’s hard to get motivated when working out feels like a hassle. Instead of taking the easy way out, which is to pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep, I decide to get up and push myself to hit the gym even if I don’t want to feel the burn that day.

I’ve learned to push myself because the end result is rewarding. With a new and improved outlook and body, I feel ready to hit the town with my gal pals. After I stopped feeling sorry for myself, I began to develop a new perspective in life. In order to successfully begin the workout process, you must be willing to step out of your proverbial box.

Exercise strengthens your body, makes you feel and look good, gives you energy, relieves stress and perks up your mood. So, instead of associating “working out” with the word work, think about it as a way to conquer and succeed life’s biggest challenge. Maybe after that, you’ll be more inclined to get fit for life!

Dan Campos, who has been a personal trainer since September 2005, has the necessary tools to assist people with an exercise program for a healthy lifestyle. Campos gives some motivational tips for us to snack on:

Remain positive.
I think my main motivational tip is to always remain as positive as possible. I mean, these people hire me and give their trust. I have to make sure to walk the walk and live up to what they see in me as their trainer. I never underestimate the power of a compliment. A small compliment can have such a positive impact on a client.

I always make each one of my clients feel like I can relate to them. There’s never a nutrition or training problem that my clients feel uncomfortable sharing with me. They know that my suggestions or opinions won’t have any judgment behind them. Once my clients feel comfortable, then the sky’s the limit for them.

Progress is progress.
The thing that I always let my clients know is that we all have bad days. It’s how you choose to handle those days that makes a difference. Being off that night in a training sense doesn’t mean that their workout has to suffer. Also, when it comes to someone not thinking they can do an exercise or lose a certain amount of fat, I always let them know that progress, no matter what size, is still progress. A little progress eventually can carry over to big gains.

Give it your all.
I give them this reminder, especially when they have given me a certain deadline. During those times, they understand that my giving of 100% has to be equaled by their 100% effort.

Congratulate yourself.
I think the best way that I have found to motivate my clients is to always give them positive feedback. A little thing like validating their form or congratulating them on their set can go a long way. If I’m positive, then they’ll always show up with a positive attitude.

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Trainer Advice: Workout Motivation


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