Guest Blog Post: How to Avoid Over-Snacking

By Hope Kumor

So, I’m heading to kitchen to use the restroom when I see them. They’re small, powdery, and have a ton of carbs and plenty of ingredients I cannot pronounce. I dart into the bathroom so I no longer see them. But, when I emerge from washing my hands, they are sitting there staring at me. These “treats” are Little Debbie’s Sugary Donuts and they were haunting me whenever I had to walk into the kitchen.

Why are they so darn addicting though? Food Blogger of Glow by Lauren and Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Lauren Talbot gives us the low-down.

“Many inexpensive, shelf-stable food products, especially cookies, crackers, and pastry items, are loaded with highly processed ingredients, like refined flours and sugars and low quality oils and salts,” Lauren says. “Not only are each of these ingredients void of any nutrients, but refined grains and processed sugars are quickly assimilated into the bloodstream, processed as sugar, and can almost immediately spike blood insulin levels.”

Desserts such as Little Debbie’s can be quite difficult for your body to process.Lauren Talbot

Lauren Talbot

“Food products that contain ingredients that are hard to decipher, and contain a plethora of oils, sugars, salts, and refined flours are simply not food, period,” says Lauren. “The longer the shelf-life on a product, the harder is it for the body to breakdown and eliminate from the system, thus the more detrimental to the body.”

As a health & fitness gal, I tend to stay away from processed foods that make me yearn for me. I call them “fillers.” They tend to fill you up for a period of time, but then before you know it, your stomach is growling– once again.

I asked Lauren the best/worst brands of sweets.

“Always shoot for whole grain snacks, and ingredients you can pronounce and recognize their processing. Ideally, the best sweet we can enjoy is a ripe banana, with a handful of almonds, or a piece of fruit. Use raw honey to sweeten the deal if necessary,” says Lauren.”I generally recommend that my clients carry dark chocolate with them should they feel the need to enjoy something sweet.”

Whenever I see them in the store, I just gauge. Like, why would you want to constantly consume this type of food? It’s terrible for you and overtime, can make you gain weight. Therefore, the next time you’re about to reach for a donut or something coated with butter, Lauren suggests, “Dark chocolate, without the added milk, can be uplifting due to the naturally stimulating effect of “theobromine” without the crazy sugar rush.”

About Hope Kumor
Hope Kumor graduated Temple University May 2013 with a BA in English and also attended Bucks County Community College and earned her AD in Journalism in 2010.
She’s had internships with Family Circle and Good Housekeeping Magazine in New York City as well as 1490 WBCB and Bucks County Courier Times. She has a background in social media, writing, newspapers and PR.   Most of her writing centers around health & fitness since she was the Health & Fitness Staff Writer for Her Campus Temple. She freelances for various websites, but still makes the time to hang with her boyfriend, family, friends and workout.

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Guest Blog Post: How to Avoid Over-Snacking


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