Why do we have to be so nasty to one another?

Let’s focus on: Saying Thank You.


I’d say one of my biggest pet peeves is when others around me do not take the time to thank me for what I’m doing. I try my best and give my full effort in whatever I do. If you don’t like it, forget you. If I’m giving you my all, I’d like to believe you’d appreciate it. I cannot give you anymore. I’ve run out of juice, batteries and patience. I’ve given you all that I have and more. What else can I do for you? 

Is it so difficult to thank a person? I’m holding the door for you and you say nothing, nada. I give you something you ask for and you grab it out of my hand. It just really gets to me.

I’m very much polite and often say thank you too much– just my opinion. Why can’t others follow my lead? Why do people have to be so rude and demanding? Why must we live in a society where people don’t thank one another? It makes me sick how rude and ignorant people are to one another. 

Can’t we just get along?

You know, the world would be a better and nicer place if we didn’t argue, bicker or fight. I know that’s almost impossible, but do we really need random stabbing and shootings everywhere in the world? I believe if there was no hate, innocent bystanders wouldn’t be killed. It’s such a sad, sad world we live in.

I would say people in the South are much nicer than in states such as Pennsylvania. I’ve come across plenty of sweet and friendly folks in Tennessee and I’m hooked! Those people would appreciate me. They would stop and say thank you and give credit whenever I did something GREAT!

So, again, why do we have to be so nasty to one another?

Why is that again? Remind me, please.


4 thoughts on “Why do we have to be so nasty to one another?

  1. Negative energy breeds more negativity. I always try to stay positive and shine even when others seem to be nasty or pessimistic. I know the feeling if everyone could just be nicer there would be much more positive vibes. Maybe some just are not programmed to be nice:/

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