Balancing Relationships and Studies

By Hope Kumor


So we’re in the midst of pursuing a career in the major we’ve chosen. There is always homework to do, work to attend, situations that can’t help but arise and friends who complain that they never see you anymore. But on top of all that, you have to make time for a particular somebody that plays an important role in your life: your man. How do you divide time between writing hundreds of papers and the love of your life: by setting aside a certain amount of time in order to see him?

You’ve invested a lot of our precious time, money and energy into school so that should always come first. Even so, you cannot neglect your relationship completely. If you really care about the relationship, don’t put so much on your plate that you spend all your time in the books and no time with him. You have to be able to balance the two out to have a healthy relationship.

“My boyfriend and I usually put aside at least an hour on Saturdays to do homework, so both of us can keep up,” Jessica Wyatt, biology major said. “Once in a while I’ll see him one day during the week as well, but only if we’re both caught up on homework.”

Ka Li, also a biology major just started a relationship and they must figure out how much time to set aside for one another.

“I compromised with my boyfriend and we set up time to meet each other and time to study,” Li said.  “I will spend time with my boyfriend mostly on the weekends and on the weekdays we can see each other for just couple of minutes, and then sometimes we can study together.”

Studying with your boyfriend is a great idea that allows the two of you to be productive and still spend time with each other. This way, in between, you can joke and vent your frustrations while getting your work done.

We all have so much going on right now that we can barely breathe let alone have time for a boyfriend, but sometimes things happen unexpectedly. As we get older, it becomes much more important that we learn how to divide our time. What happens when we have a family and a career? Isn’t that the same sort of idea as this? Think of this balancing act as a way to prepare for the years that follow.

If you’re still asking yourself how else to balance schoolwork and bonding time, here are some tips:

1)      As I said before, study together. It’s a great way to spend time together and get your homework done at the same time. Who knows? Maybe after the homework’s done, you can study each other more.

2)      If you have to go somewhere like a play for a class, ask him to come along. It’s bonding time plus assignment time. It will work out great on both ends.

3)      If you can’t see him that day, talk to him on the phone or Skype with him. Even though you won’t be involved in physical contact, you will still get to hear how his day was and even feel like you’re next to him.

4)      Schedule some time to hit the gym together. You could even go bike-riding or out running. You can chat and get fit at the same time. Make it a thing for about thirty minutes a day. You should have at least 30 minutes to spare for your bf, right?

Remember that it’s crucial that we set aside special time with our significant others because if not, the relationship will suffer. It’s important to prioritize between homework and the boyfriend. In life in general, we need to be able to juggle everything even if it’s a difficult task. There’s not always going to be time unless you put the effort into making time!

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Balancing Relationships and Studies


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