Why can’t you “have it all?”

Who says you can’t have it all?


All being: A great job, good partner, excellent friends and family and ultimately, a superb life. I know that nothing is perfect and I would never want it to be because perfect is just plain boring.

Do you ever feel as if you have so much potential yet, no one is willing to give you a chance?

Now, this could happen in any point of your life. You could be pursuing a guy who isn’t interested. You have so much potential in being a great girlfriend, yet he may not even give you the time of day. You end up being extremely frustrated because you thought the two of you were going to be an item, but you were sadly mistaken.

Maybe you’re going after a job you’re very much interested in but don’t have the credentials for it. You hope and pray that the company hands you the job because they see you possess drive, passion and willingness to learn and grow. But, in the end, you just aren’t what they’re looking for.

It hurts, It’ hurts very much to know you would strive to be the best damn employee they’ve ever had!

In life, there are people who are very lucky. They are able to just land a job they love in a short amount of time. At the same moment, they also get the dream partner. Everything is smooth sailing for them and rarely, they receive bad news. The question is: How the heck does that happen? 

For myself. I have a great family, awesome friends and a sweet boyfriend. Everyone supports me and is there for me no matter what! I’m pretty damn lucky actually. The missing piece of the puzzle lays in the job department.  No complaints here. Instead, I’m just reflecting on people who have it all and it’s still not enough.

I can tell you one thing, if I “had it all,” I would NOT be venting or complaining or anything because what is there to talk about? I have the best life possible.

I want you to take a sec and think about what good things you have in your life. Maybe “having it all” means something different to you. What is the definition for you?


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