Death of a Cat


Such a horrid thing. People die every day, every hour, in fact, every minute. We often cannot accept someone close to us passing away, but we take our mind off of it by distracting ourselves. We deal with death in various ways. Some may break down and cry and others might pretend as of nothing has happened.

This morning, around 7:30 a.m., my cat died. Sure, this cat was not a person and the pain isn’t as extreme, but it hurts. My mother brought me in the room where the dead cat was laying and I just stared at it. With its mouth open, I couldn’t look away. I didn’t express any sort of emotion, but that doesn’t mean I’m cold or not sad. It usually hits me later on in the day at a random hour. My mother, however, is different. She broke down in front of my very eyes while I tightly hugged her.

It’s quite sad. We’ve had this cat for about a year. It was a stray, so it wasn’t exactly healthy when we found him. BUT, we took him to the vet. A few days ago, he randomly started looking sick. My parents scheduled a vet appointment for tomorrow, but it was too late.

I feel ill. I feel ill and sad. I tell myself not to cry, but later on, when no one is looking, I just might. Today is the day where you just don’t mess with me. Ever have those days?

RIP– Pumpkin.









6 thoughts on “Death of a Cat

  1. SO sorry for your loss. I have had many cats and 2 of them have died. I know what its like, its very cliche’ but time does heal. i’m here if you need to talk. RIP Pumpkin.

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