Working Out Is Important!

By Hope Kumor

So, I just joined Crunch, which is an ever-popular gym that recently opened in my area. I’ve gone to two classes and absolutely love it! I’ve been really getting into working out and staying healthy. I’ve tried to staying away from processed foods, but it’s very difficult. The price of organic & gluten-free meals are ridiculous! But, I must tell you, I REFUSE  to eat TV Dinners. I’m not a fan of heating my dinner up in the microwave time & time again, I’m sorry.

I’ll continue to work-out, eat healthier and be conscious of my cal intake. I’m very much interested in becoming a personal trainer! If I could go back to school, I’d get a degree in Nutrition. I love hearing about how we process food and why certain foods are better than others. Instead of concentrating on wellness, I earned my BA in English. Unfortunately. I would go back in a heartbeat & receive another BA! Right now, I’m not financially stable though. Pardon me if I don’t wish to spend another 25K for a degree I may or may not obtain a job in.

Instead, why not get a certificate in personal training or nutrition? That’s what my goal is! I’m going to search around for the best programs & truly decide what I want.

Just remember this when you want to give up– WORKING OUT IS SO IMPORTANT. It will make you healthier, happier & more confident.

Wish me luck!


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