Deciding To Make The Leap To Move Is Quite Scary


When my boyfriend landed an interview in Tennessee, I was hopeful, but didn’t want to think too much into it. Usually, I get my hopes up and they get severely crushed when things don’t pan out. But, once he got his second and third interviews, I had a feeling he’d land the position.

I believe everyone around him—including him—knew he had the position once they asked him to fly down there. But, that was the easy part. The hard part was making the decision if he got the job.

A few days later, he ended up being offered the job. So, we both had to mutually decide what we wanted to do. Would we take the leap and leave our area to move somewhere new or would we say no and let our fears overtake us?  We would leave friends and family behind and familiar places and move to an area where we’d have to make new friends.

We sat and contemplated this decision together. We didn’t tell anyone at first because we didn’t want others interfering or interjecting their opinions. From the start, we both wanted to relocate and chose to apply to jobs elsewhere. Tennessee just sort of came out of nowhere and we figured this opportunity was presented for a reason.  In the end, deciding to move was the best option for the two of us.

I told friends and family and they said how crazy I was to want to live so far from home.  My parents didn’t agree nor did my one friend. But, I was the one making the decision, not my friends or family.

If we were to do this, we needed to get everything ready in a mere 2 weeks since his company wanted him the sooner the better.  Once I told others how long I had, they all thought it was a fast decision and to really think about what I was getting myself into. But, I didn’t want to think too hard because if I did, then I would let my fears get the best of me. I haven’t even thought about the emotional part of the situation either and I don’t plan on it.

All I know is– everyone around me is especially upset and some don’t agree with making such an impulsive decision to move, but this time, I did not let anyone else influence me. I wanted to make choice for me, not for anyone else.

Maybe it was a crazy decision, but I’ll grow, learn and make plenty of mistakes along the way, which will be great in the long run!




5 thoughts on “Deciding To Make The Leap To Move Is Quite Scary

  1. I think you are brave! I’m from Tennessee, a town called Knoxville. I love it there. But it’s also where all my summer childhood memories are. Good luck cant wait to read more about your new adventure! Congrats

    1. Hello- thanks so much! My brother went to school in Knoxville and loved it! I’m also a huge fan of Knoxville!

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