Just How Dependent Are We On Cell Phones?


Technology is like breathing these days. Literally, you need it in order to live. Throughout the day, you receive phone calls, texts, re-tweets, Facebook messages and Snapchats. You need to check these alerts or else you’ll seriously be missing out.

I had to be without my cell for a whole day. I just purchased another phone and unfortunately had to send it back due to technical difficulties. So, off it went and I had no form of communication with my parents, boyfriend or friends. I had to run a bunch of errands, so as I drove around town, I was left in the dark.

I must be honest with you: I was going a bit stir-crazy. Everywhere I went, I saw others on their phone. I decided to stop for a sweet treat and sat down to eat it. I was alone and without my cell by my side. I was lonesome. Men and women who were also eating solo were all on their phones. These days, it seems no one can live without it.

Maybe the thought of being out in the community alone without their phone is too much for them to bear. It seems you don’t want to be seen sitting  just eating. OMG! And, I cannot say anything because when I go somewhere alone, I always have my phone right next to me, so I’m just as guilty as the rest of you!

It’s just quite interesting to watch others rely so much on this device. It’s like second nature by now. I also wanted to see if I could function without it. It was very difficult, but I did make it through the day. It just begs the question: Why are we so dependent on our cell phones?

We’ve chosen technology over face-to-face interactions.  We cannot cope with real life. Instead, most choose to make it through the day by using technology. And, I am a culprit of this act. This has taught me not to stay on technology so much because I could really miss something.


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