Getting Accustomed To New Surroundings


Being new in town can be quite frightening. Knowing that you cannot confide in anyone besides your significant other is frustrating, but you must work with what you have.

My boyfriend and I moved to Tennessee a few days ago and we’re still get settled. Our parents, my brother and his friend joined us for the 15-hour ride. It was miserable, long and exhausting, but we finally arrived at an apartment we only saw photos of.

We were nervous that the apartment  wouldn’t live up to our expectations. I wasn’t able to see his reaction to the apartment since we in separate cars, but I know mine was star-struck!

After we signed the lease, we all made our way over to our brand new apartment to carry our items inside. Even though we were tired after the ride, everyone pitched in and we were done in no time.

My boyfriend and I were mentally drained. We’d been planning, getting our items together and packing for weeks and finally everything was coming together. When we drove around, we saw everything and anything a person could need and want.  There were restaurants, grocery stores, clothing stores scattered about 5-10 minutes from our apartment.

On Sunday, I was dreading everyone leaving. I still hadn’t thought about not seeing friends and family for months, so I put my feelings aside and thought about how excited I felt.  His parents were first and they both hugged us tightly and wished us luck.

My mother is very emotional, so I figured once my parents and brother left, she would breakdown. I prepared myself to see her cry, but she held it together. When they left, I felt this air of loneliness I never felt before. I wanted his parents and mine back because I’ve never lived without parents.

They were always around the corner or in another town.  Family and friends were always a car drive away. They weren’t 15 hours away in another state and I needed to learn how to do things on my own. I no longer had protection or a shield around me and I was scared shitless.

Driving around and settling will allow me to get more accustomed to my surroundings. I must get used to this town and not be afraid.


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