First Night On The Town

Whenever you’re a newbie in town, it’s difficult to find local events because well, you haven’t a clue as to where anything is or which spots are best to meet people. But, after my first post was published, I had several locals message me on Facebook welcoming me to the town, which I thought was extremely nice.

Anywho, I researched events happening this past Saturday and came across a show called “Burning Las Vegas” at Main Street Music in Murfreesboro. I saw that one of my Facebook friends, Chris Highers was the owner of Main Street Music and host of the show, so I asked him about this interesting event.

After chatting with him for a few, he actually offered my boyfriend and I to see the show — free of charge — which was so sweet of him! He said it was, the “Best live music around” and it was “sold out.” So, we got ready for our first night on the town and made our way over to this Music hall.

When we arrived, the parking lot was full of cars and the place was packed. We each ordered a drink and headed upstairs to watch the bands.

After a while, three women came on stage and began singing music from my parents generation. I loved the music because I grew up listening to oldies.

While I was standing there with a drink in my hand listening to these women sing songs such as “Dancing Queen” and “That’s the Way,” it made me miss my parents. I wished for them to be present watching the same show with me.

Since I’ve never lived away from home, in those moments, I felt very much homesick. Maybe it’s immature of me, but I sort of wanted my parents. It also could have been the alcohol in me stirring up all these emotions inside of me. Regardless, I tried my best to pay attention to the lovely ladies belting their hearts out on stage.


It will take me awhile to get accustomed to this new lifestyle, but I can do it. I bet plenty of others went through the same thing one time or another, so they can feel empathy toward me.

Until next time..


Hope Kumor


2 thoughts on “First Night On The Town

  1. I still feel like a stranger and I’ve barely lived away. I think it’s as much about having the confidence to go and do, as it is about knowing what to go and do! Good luck, and remember it’s a new chapter. HO x

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