Visiting The Greenway Trail

It’s not difficult to find the beauty in Murfreesboro because it’s all around. When you’re driving down Old Fort Parkway, you can see the clear blue sky or when you merge onto 24, you can see scenic landscapes as well as farms. So, once I saw photos of the Greenway trails, I associated this park to beauty!

And, Last week when I showed Brett photos of the Greenway, he was intrigued just as I. So, this past Sunday, we took our bikes and went over to see what this trail had to offer.  We’re both into health & fitness and wanted to burn some major calories, so we figured biking would be perfect!

While biking, I felt this rush of energy.  I began thinking about how you can be living somewhere one moment and then a different location in the next.  A few weeks ago, we were living in Pennsylvania doing the same thing day after day and not getting time to enjoy and relax! Now, we were in a beautiful town biking in a gorgeous park.


When we arrived at the waterfall, it took my breath away. I loved the calm feeling that overcame my entire body. I even felt chills as we stood in front of the falling water. It was a clear and crisp afternoon, so it was an ideal setting.

In another scene, we went to the bridge, which lead us to more trails. I’d say we biked about 10 miles and I was happy to get up and go! For the last few months, I’ve had a desk job and believe I gained some weight because I was sitting all day. I know that you place your butt on the bike as well, but you’re constantly moving which uses up energy.

Overall, I say we loved the Greenway and took plenty of photos to prove its beauty! How could you not love going to park where it’s quiet and you may think? Some of the time we didn’t even talk because we were soaking it all in.

I’m thrilled to be living in Murfreesboro and I know Brett feels the same.

Until next time…


Hope Kumor


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