Our First Holiday On Our Own

This past weekend was Easter, which was the first holiday Brett and I spent away from home. I know several people go through this every year, but usually, my grandparents come over and we eat some ham or turkey together and chat. This year was totally different because we had no family or friends to invite over.

To be honest though, it didn’t feel like a holiday to us. We woke up late, made some breakfast, took a nap, went for a walk and then came home and made dinner together. To my parent– whom miss me dearly– they felt a void because I wasn’t with them. I spoke with my mother that night and she wished me a Happy Easter and told me how much she missed me not being there.

In terms of a “homey feeling,” I’m not quite there yet. It will take some time for me to feel completely settled. In my mind, I’m on vacation; I’m not really living here. I feel as if I’m floating on a cloud. I often have to pinch myself because I believe I’m dreaming.


We’ve been here about 3 weeks now and still don’t have our couch! It will arrive next week, so we’re stuck sitting on the floor watching TV. We also need a bookcase because my magazines and books are sitting in boxes, driving us bonkers because they aren’t put away! I’m curious to see if those who recently moved here have unpacked. Also, do you have a sense of settlement or feel as if you belong?

The next big holiday will be Mother’s Day and I know that will hit me harder than I think. I won’t be able to hug or kiss my mother, rather instead, I’ll wish her a Happy Mom’s Day via Skype.

But even though I miss my family and friend, don’t think for one sec that I regret my decision to move here. I’ve had some really bad days and very good days. My emotions have been sprawled out and my boyfriend is often confused as to what to say because I can be up one minute and then down the next.

Until later…

Hope Kumor


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