O’Possum’s: The Hidden Gem

When driving on Memorial Boulevard, if you look closely, you’ll find O’Possum’s Irish Pub & Brewery. The thing about this pub is you’d never even know it was there unless you opened the doors and peered inside.  It might be a tad on the small side, but when it comes to the variety of food, there’s nothing “small” about it.

“We want people to know our name,” says Steve, the General Manager.  “We’re always trying to get more from scratch.”

And, it’s true!  The O’Possum’s staff makes everything homemade from horseradish, ranch dressing, and especially the beer!

Steve walked Brett and I over to two seats he had reserved specifically at the end of the bar, making us feel like guests of honor!  With a smile and passion in his eyes, he spoke to us of the humble beginnings.

The establishment’s name came from an Irish twist pertaining to the Possum population in the area!  We learned several tidbits about this place even before we noshed on the food!  O’Possum’s is one of 78 restaurants in town that are “green.” In other words, they use paper products and or materials that biologically breakdown versus the all-too-common Styrofoam.  Additionally, they’re adamant about recycling their cooking oil.  Not only that, they opt to use soy oil, which just so happens to be healthier!


Now, I bet you’re also wondering about the food we tried.  Well, sit back, relax and get ready to feel hungry!

To start, we asked for the Ol’ Finn’s Gold and Irish Margarita!  Who doesn’t enjoy alcohol to go alongside some Irish grub?

For an appetizer, we ordered the fried pickle.  When it arrived, we couldn’t help but take notice to the rather elegant presentation.  At first bite we received the slight crunch from the golden brown crust which than followed by the subtle zest of the pickle.  The sauce accompanied with it was somewhat of a cool and creamy, homemade ranch.

Upon recommendation, I ordered the Rachel.  Between the two pieces of marble rye laid smoked corned beef and pastrami, topped with Thousand Island dressing & fresh sauerkraut.  The combination of the bread, dressing, kraut, and the two meats made it the perfect sandwich inside and out!

Brett went for the Fish & Chips, which were battered and fried to perfection.  Now, the thing about this batter is it utilizes O’Possum’s in-house brewed beer.  You can certainly tell when fish is frozen or fresh by the taste but from the first bite, he could tell the cod was fresh from the market.  To his pleasant surprise, the tartar sauce was the star of the dish!  With the creamy consistency of the house ranch, it had a faint, yet distinct hint of fresh dill.  The combination had him talking the entire ride home!

For noodle and cheese lovers, you must try their famous out-of-this-world Mac n Cheese! It’s oozing with cheesy goodness from start to finish!

Dessert was a no-brainer after Steve had shown us photos!

So, of course Brett went for the Irish Cream Bread Pudding along with a hot cup of Irish Coffee.  Meanwhile,  I chose the Cinnamon Sugar Bread pudding with wedding cake glaze.

The Irish Cream Bread Pudding was made with Irish Cream,  and topped with dried cranberries and their in-house Irish whiskey glaze drizzled on top. The Cinnamon Sugar Bread Pudding was similar to eating a slice of out-of-this-world french toast!

You probably didn’t know this about O’Possum’s.  Since they aim to please, they often feature various dishes such as Asian, Indian, Mexican cuisines amongst others!  So, if you’re looking for a brand new dining experience, we’d highly recommend googling this restaurant and trying it out for yourself!

And, if you happen to be free on a Sunday, stop by and give O’Possum’s brunch a whirl from 10-3. Not to mention, Steve’s laid back approach, yet hands-on approach gives O’Possum’s the vibe of a modern day Cheers!

“It’s not just a restaurant, it’s a good opportunity for us and means an incredible amount to me,” says Steve. “It’s not just good food, it’s good business.”


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