UFC Gym: The No-Fear Zone

When I entered the UFC Gym in Murfreesboro, my attention focused solely on the encouragement words “Honor” “Courage” and “Determination.” They’re plastered on the wall throughout the facility and the words certainly represent what this gym is all about.


I was a bit nervous to workout at a gym that’s known for UFC competitors and hunky males. But, you see, it’s actually the total opposite because not only were there a bunch of women ready to take the Trigger Point Boxing class, the coaches didn’t stick their noses up when I told them it was my first class.


Brett accompanied me to this class from 6:30-7:30 last Tuesday.  Instead of making us feel dumb because we clearly didn’t know what we were doing, the coach took the time to come over and explain to us each move.  After we understood how to punch the 150-pound bag, we were golden. It was fun getting to take the class as a couple! At the end, we were both burnt out and it felt good to share a class with others who wanted to get in shape as well.

But, the brains behind this UFC gym’s success is Terrance Pennington, a former NFL Player. With a positive attitude and demeanor, at 6’7, he seems like a scary dude, but once you strike up a conversation, he’s nothing but nice.

“I’m so energetic and have such high energy because I’m so passionate about it,” says Terrance.

His way of doing is all about helping others reach their goals.

“Once we teach, people need to take time to learn,” says Terrance.

But, Terrance didn’t always feel this confident because he was a bit overweight during his NFL days. After his continuous knee issues, he knew he had to change something, so he began losing weight. It was a long and hard road, but he did it and lost over 100 pounds!

“I understand the struggle firsthand and am now so much more confident,” says Terrance. “That’s why I push for others to get to their goal.”

He wants people to go into this gym and get fit, but also talk about their frustrations. The difference between this gym and others is it’s one-on-one instead of a typical exercise center where you feel alone and blend into the crowd.

As a woman, I would encourage and dare you to set forth into this gym. You’ll be greeted by happy go-lucky Terrance and his group of friendly and helpful coaches. It will be a shock to those used to just being a number. One thing is for certain: You won’t be ignored or talked down to in this gym. 

“I eat, sleep and s*** this health and fitness,” says Terrance. “I love recognition, coaching and developing. So, the more I know, the easier I can get someone to reach their goal.”

Go on and challenge yourself to strive for your ideal weight. If you’re too afraid to sign up for a membership due to fear of being judged, just try the UFC Gym instead. You will never be laughed at because everyone is aiming for the same thing.


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