Loving Someone So Much It Hurts


Is it possible to love someone so much that hurts?  You just want to be around them most of the time because the thought of them not being there makes you sad.  Would it be considered obsessed or just head over heels in love?

My boyfriend gave me a call today expressing how bad his allergies are affecting him.  He’s been having issues breathing because he’s not adjusted to the new climate yet.  He needed to make a doctor’s appointment sooner rather than later.

The mother side of me immediately switched on and the next thing I knew, I was calling a local doctor’s office to schedule an appointment.  I didn’t even have to think twice because A) I love and care about him and B) I cannot stand to see him suffer.  Sure– this is what any girlfriend, wife or loved one would do anyway.  It’s not a rarity, it’s generally a given.  It’s just I absolutely love feeling needed!

But, the thing about it is– he’s my first love.  And, you all know you never forget your first love.  He is not my first boyfriend, but he’s my first everything else.

Since we’ve been living together, I’ve learned so much about relationships.  They’re about sacrifice, dedication, love, acceptance, pleasure and at times, putting them first. I can tell you that my boyfriend has always put me first and has sacrificed so much for me.  And, I have sacrificed for him as well.  Whenever he needs me, I’m always there and it’s the same way when it comes to when I need him.  Even though I’m his first girlfriend, he knows how to be a boyfriend.

And, once we moved in together, had no parents or friends around and only had him to lean on was when I realized this is real.  I’m in an adult relationship that will more than likely lead to marriage and it’s both thrilling and scary.  I must say that being in love is very scary.  At any point, that person could shatter your heart into a million pieces.  The thought of getting hurt terrifies me. 

However, at the same time, cuddling on his chest at night is one of the best feelings in the word!

Relationships are also about pleasuring one another.  I know sex can be a vulgar and uncomfortable topic for people, but it’s definitely part of a romantic relationship.  Without pleasure, your partner may look elsewhere.  So, if you don’t have a sexual attraction to your significant other, it could cause a problem.

You must feel happy in every aspect of your relationship in order to make it work.  And, for some couples, a sexless relationship is fine with them.  Power to those who don’t need sex to make them happy!

Lastly, when you allow yourself to open up and talk through your problems and work them out, you’re likely to have a successful relationship.  And, we’re both willing to work through our issues together as mature adults.

Let’s Talk About Sex, And Not Feel Weird And Uncomfortable

By Hope Kumor

Via Thought Catalog

Let’s talk about a topic that makes everyone feel uncomfortable: Sex.

Why is sex such a sore subject? Come on, most of us do it and know it feels good. For the longest time, I refused to talk about it because I was immature. I just heard my besties recite the same words over and over again that it would hurt like hell. My one friend even said she could barely walk for a few days afterward. After hearing that, I was really afraid of it. I had no clue how it would feel and everyone told me different things about it. Regardless, no one likes to talk about it.

According to PsychAlive, Why We Should Talk About Sex , when it comes to sex, most people tend to feel there are a lot of “supposed to’s,” as if they are supposed to perform this way or feel that way in a sexual encounter. Many people can also be critical of their appearance, viewing themselves as too old/fat/unattractive/uncomfortable for sex.

Maybe people just don’t feel confident enough with their appearance, so by talking about it, they feel judged?

I know when I reached my teens, my mother never sat me down and had “the conversation” with me. Instead, she pointed her finger at me and repeated over and over, “just wait until marriage.” And, since I never questioned anything, I listened to her. I never even learned anything about sex either.

Whenever people talked about orgasms or penises, I never said a peep because I had no clue how to contribute to the conversation. Instead of partaking in sex, I just focused on my career and studies and besides, I was waiting for marriage. Many people commended me on waiting, but others just gave me a dirty look and asked why.

I’ve heard so many different things when it comes to sex. From “your first time sucks,” “wait until you’re married” “it hurts so bad” to “just don’t do it.” But, I didn’t wait because I knew it felt right. So, when I finally did do it, it turned out to be uncomfortable and felt very painful.

Whether you wait until you’re married or have sex on a weekly basis, just be careful. Everyone handles things in various ways. But, let’s just stop feeling so awkward about sex because whether you like it or not: MOST PEOPLE DO IT!

Vibe Nutrition: Herbalife Shakes With A Side Of Exercise

By Hope Kumor


(We’re made of pure muscle!)

When I walked into Vibe Nutrition in Murfreeboro, I was greeted by a group of friendly, enthusiastic and sweet girls who smiled and said “Hello!”

I couldn’t believe the positive energy and kindness they showed me. I grew up in PA, which I consider to be a not-so-helpful circle of people.  So when I moved to Tennessee, I was surprised to meet others who actually went out of their way to lend a hand.  I’ve heard way too many horror stories about people walking past others in need of help.

But, as for this class, just being with others who also want to get in shape made me feel as if I belonged. 

Thereafter, I met Joy Stafford Countryman– who introduced herself as the health coach and instructor of the class. This gal who cheery and excited to meet me, which I’ve become almost accustomed to since moving to TN two months ago.

Her 30-minute class consisted of planks, burpees, core exercises, squats, etc.  I would say that if you want to get in shape, take this class!

“The best part of teaching any of the classes for me is the community that is built through the classes. We get to encourage each other, sweat together, struggle together… And at the end, I get to see those smiles and be so proud of each person for taking time to do something good for their bodies,” says Joy. “Our chances for success in anything in life, especially the healthy active life, increase exponentially when you have a great support system and others to encourage you. That’s what I hope Vibe is…a place of encouragement, inspiration, and education.”

Typically, I workout 3-4 times per week, so I’d like to say I’m in shape, but after this class, maybe I’m not as much as I’d like to think.

The thing about this class is: you have other people around cheering you on, so giving up may not be happen.  In a gym, you blend in with the rest of the crowd. Therefore, no one is around telling you to continue and that’s why people may stop working out or give up.  Some people may need a little push in the right direction and I’d say taking a class at Vibe Nutrition would be the ticket!.

After your workout, you’re treated to a Herbalife Shake!  Choose from flavors such as Orange Cream, Vanilla, Cookies N Cream, Birthday Cake, French Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, Piña Colada, Cafe Latte, Mint Chocolate, etc.  I opted for “Birthday Cake,” which tasted like heaven.  It’s a consistency of a milkshake with a hint of well, birthday cake.  Now, you won’t need to indulge in a slice of cake because Herbalife Shakes are there for you instead! You don’t feel ashamed either because they are packed with 24 grams of protein.

If you’re sold and ready to take the journey of losing weight, let me tell you a little secret:The classes are free!  You heard me, these classes are FREE!  Who could pass up free classes and a shake on the side? Like, can it get any better than that?

I found this class through Karen Elaine, who messaged me on Facebook one day. She wrote, “Hey girl! I saw you were new to Murfreesboro. Welcome! Just wanted to give you our schedule here at Vibe for all of our Free Fitness Classes. It’s a great way to meet fun and active people here in the Boro. Hope you have a wonderful evening!”

After that, I kept contemplating whether I wanted to go or not. But, finally, after several weeks of chatting with Karen one and off, I decided to make the move and attend one of the classes and boy was I glad I did!

So, if you’re looking to meet new people, get in shape and consume free shakes and teas, I’d encourage you to try this class! And. if that doesn’t get you excited, I’m not sure what else I can say to convince you!

Visit their Facebook Page for more deats!


Guest Article: Online Dating is More Than just OK (Cupid) #dating #OnlineDating

By Hope Kumor

Circa Leather & Lace


I vowed never to create an online dating account.

I would never give in and upload photos and my information on a website due to fear of being stalked. Guys have creeped on me before, sometimes following me in the store or staring at me in rather unsettling ways. I felt absolutely desperate and needy even thinking of it. In fact,  my mom always told me I’d “meet someone when I least expected it” so I refused to try this online thing. Also, I didn’t want to pay for a service because no matter what, I didn’t feel that desperate.

Things changed after I broke up with my boyfriend and I’d graduated from college. My bestie and I were newly single and we went out a lot.  We were always hitting the town and having fun. She was the one who convinced me to make a Plenty of Fish—an online dating site—with her .  Instead of fighting it, I went along for the ride.  I have to admit — not only did I feel desperate, I felt absolutely disgusting each time I logged onto the site because I was so against it, but I did want to try something new.

I received a lot of messages in the first few minutes and I was amazed. Some were creepy and others were sort of cute. I spoke to several guys at the same time. I was always skeptical of these men, and didn’t give my number out so easily. Each time I’d have a decent conversation with a guy I liked, he’d disappear out of the blue. I soon realized that both men and women often do that on these sites because they find someone else or get bored.

I wasn’t having a good time.  Part of it was that I was missing my ex-boyfriend, and the other part was my disappointment in the career department. I had so much on my mind  that  having a boyfriend was (honestly) the last thing on my list. But, still, I kept on wanting someone to be there because I missed that.

The summer months went by and in late August, I deleted my Plenty of Fish account because I was frustrated with men (in general). But then again in September, without anyone else knowing it, I created an account on another dating site called OKcupid.   I would sign on late at night and would speak with guys as if it was a secret. I developed this unsettling feeling in my stomach that wouldn’t go away. I didn’t want to rely on a guy. I was speaking with a guy in the army for a while and had feelings for him. I gave him my number but nothing really developed with him.

On October 6th, I finally met Brett, someone who was interested in two things I’m quite passionate about—writing and health & fitness. The first thing he asked me was how I got into health & fitness. I’m into working out and so is he . We immediately had that in common.  We continued sending notes back and forth. The difference was we’d have very deep conversations — death, life, our inner thoughts and feelings. We’d speak about anything and everything before we even met. I was scared, but liked this guy!

We finally met on October 16th and to my surprise, the date turned out awesome because he was so sexy and had big muscles (pictures never do people justice).  But more importantly, there were no awkward pauses or shifty eyes.  We went to work out— really important to both of us— and afterwards went to grab a bite to eat and all seemed to be going well.  But the second date wasn’t that great. We were supposed to go apple picking, but that didn’t work out well and for some odd reason, he didn’t appear as confident.  I remember I really didn’t enjoy myself and remember missing my ex-boyfriend.

I kind of decided to place him in the friend zone. I tried to explain to him that I wasn’t sure if I wanted a boyfriend.

But, then my bestie found a guy around the same time and we planned a double date. It was a bit awkward since I’d just told the guy I wished to be friends, but my bestie told me not to give up on him yet.  So, we planned to go to a  haunted house that Saturday. He picked me up and we  flirted on the way over to my friend’s house, but I knew it was confusing him. Throughout the night, those feelings for him came back.

While we stood in the haunted house, I merely looked at him.

For some reason, I just wanted him. He was shocked when I asked to hold his hand. I was feeling so many different emotions. I liked him. I didn’t. I needed him. I didn’t want him.

Later that night, he asked me point blank, “so, what’s going on here?” I told him that I wanted to take things really, really slow, I mean, like really, really slow and he agreed. This was November and by Valentine’s Day he told me he loved me and I said it back. I was always so afraid of love. I was always scared to fall in love. I never wanted to lean on someone for too long due to fear getting hurt.

In a million years, I never imagined finding someone on the internet.  I admit that it can be full of creepers, stalkers, guys who just want sex and desperate people. I didn’t want to be part of that group, but now, I guess I am. I don’t tell too many people I met Brett online because I’m scared they will judge me, but ready or not, here I come!

I have a successful online relationship and I’m not afraid to admit it! So, let the judging begin!

If you’re going to correspond with someone online, you need to write enough for the other person to be able to respond with questions (so you can get to know one another). You simply cannot state “whatever” or “nothing.”   Also, don’t feel embarrassed about going online to find love. Before I did it, I thought people who dated online must be desperate, but now, since meeting Brett, I feel like everyone is doing it and it’s okay! I even got my brother to make an account!

I didn’t think in a million years that I’d meet THE PERFECT GUY on a stupid website. You never know who you’re going to meet on these sites!

What Happened When I FINALLY, Begrudgingly Embraced My “Pudge”

By Hope Kumor
Circa YourTango
Obsessing about my weight finally just became too freaking exhausting.

When it comes to my body and appearance, I’ve always had issues.

From an early age, I was always picking on myself. As a kid, I was too skinny and my mother tried to plump me up by giving me Carnation Instant Breakfast. I gained some weight and in my middle school days, I began to develop acne. So not only was I now concerned about how I looked and my body appearance, I also had big red dots along my skin to worry about.

I was disgusted whenever I looked in the mirror. I tried to make myself feel better by dressing in clothes that made me feel pretty, wearing makeup and hanging out with girls that boosted my confidence, but nothing worked.

In high school, I joined Colorguard — a club that makes marching band more interesting by dancing and twirling flags, sabres, rifles and batons — and was excited to be part of a club that I figured (hoped) wouldn’t judge me.

At the time, I wasn’t a fan of wearing bras because I didn’t like my boobs. They were so big and the bras I wore didn’t support my breasts like they should’ve and often made them sag. One day in band camp — yes, I actually went to band camp — someone teased me about my “hanging boobs” and again, I felt my confidence instantly diminish.

After that, I began wearing a more supportive bra and even lost a decent amount of weight.

When I came home that summer, my mother told me I looked too thin and wanted me to gain some weight back. But I balked: I was happy with my weight loss. I felt more confident and my pimples weren’t as red so I looked prettier. I began working out and wearing clothes that actually fit me properly.

My mother has always been my biggest cheerleader and gave my brothers and I the best life possible. But even still, I was never happy with who I was. In addition to all my other insecurities, I hated my big nose. People often told me I was ugly because I had such a big honker. And the grossest thing was: I listened to them.

Instead of blocking out all the negative comments from others around me, I digested and began to believe them. I thought: Maybe I am ugly. Maybe I won’t ever find a man who loves me. (Trust me, I realize the worst part about me is how easily I can be influenced and look! There I go criticizing myself again.)

I knew that I had to make major alterations to my life or live miserably. I sat in my room contemplating what I could do to change my attitude for the better. I was so negative about my appearance and it was affecting my entire life. Would I continue to bash myself or would I finally accept that I was trying my hardest to look and feel better?

I vamped up my workouts and began getting rid of the extra skin around my belly.

But my God, do you know how difficult it is to work on your lower abdomen? It was a total nightmare, but I was happy to see my rolls eventually disappear. Then, I improved my eating habits and stopped consuming so many snacks and processed foods.

After I began to see results, I still wasn’t happy with myself. Sure, some days I feel confident but others I just feel blah.

And, what I’ve learned from all of this is: My body will never be perfect.

Also, the way I look will never change unless I get surgery, which I refuse to do, so why not embrace what my momma gave me?

When I think about it, I have a wonderful figure with a dab of flab around my tummy.

Society teaches us that we must be a size 2 in order to be beautiful, but what about the plus-size women who are gorgeous? Why must you be “thin” to fit in? We shouldn’t be judged on the size of our jeans; we should be judged by our character.

So let’s stop hating on each other and begin using positive reinforcement because our world would be so much better.

When Words Hurt Like Sticks And Stones

“You’re no longer romantic anymore,” I said to my boyfriend on a random Friday night. He stopped in his tracks and looked at me. I didn’t think it sounded rude or hurtful or think he’d get offended by it; I was just saying what was on my mind.

This happened right before we were running errands and working out, so it wasn’t a very pleasant outing. And, I figured out why this hit him hard. He’s been doing everything he can for me and when I said that, it sounds as if I don’t appreciate what he’s done for me. I get it too. I would also feel a sting after hearing that comment, but I that never stopped my mouth from forming the words.

Sometimes, you’re not always aware how hurtful words can be. I’m a culprit of being too truthful too often and it affects other around me. It’s as if I don’t know how to shut it off or shut up sometimes. It’s going to get me into big trouble one day and I know it. I never think of the aftermath. Instead, I just simply blurt out what I’m thinking.

There have been times I’ve hurt my mother, brothers and friends with my words. You’d think I’d learn by now, but there I am just humming through life not realizing what I’m saying. My boyfriend and I have gotten into arguments due to my extensive vocabulary. Sometimes, he just tells me to be quiet. And, the truth is, I think it’s better that way. I can stop myself from saying something I’ll regret later on. This is how I know I’ve done it again: I see my boyfriend’s reaction. His voice will get very serious and he has this look on his face. Then, my heart starts beating a mile a minute and I know I shouldn’t have said it. I hate others being mad at me, so my immediate reaction is to fix it. I walk over and try to talk to him about it. But, it’s too late because what I said had come out. I can’t take it back. Rather, I can only fix it and move forward. I ask myself, “Why did I just say that?” I can be a very selfish person and don’t think about what my words will do to someone I love. I swear I don’t mean it. I’m not a spiteful or hurtful person by any means. I just let my feelings and emotions get the best of me and then allow them to spill out like word vomit. But, I know I must learn not to be too truthful or I could seriously lose the people I love. Via Thought Catalog

I’m An Average Girl, But I Have A Learning Disability

I’m in the kitchen reading instructions on how to make a dinner with 7 ingredients and about 10 steps. I calmly concentrate on my task at hand, but I’m just not completely understanding what to do. I begin to get frustrated because I just cannot comprehend.

Let me give you an example.

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I took a boxing class. He understood what to do faster than I did. I always zero in on the instructor so I don’t look like an idiot doing it wrong. But, that never really works because they always end up coming over to me to show me a 4th time. It’s so annoying not to just get it. I wish I was normal and my mind caught up with the task at hand.

In middle school, I wasn’t able to take any language classes. Instead, that time was replaced with a skills class. It taught you how to stay organized and what homework was assigned in other classes. But, I wanted to be like everyone else and learn a language though!

My struggle continued onto college when I began to need extra time for pop quizzes and exams. Everyone would hurriedly turn in their test while I sat there with a blank look on my face. With the noise and commotion going on around me, I always felt like I had to finish ASAP. Even if I didn’t completely understand each question, I knew I couldn’t look like a dummy and finish last. But, when I saw bad grade after bad grade, I knew something had to be done.

I saw a psychologist and she evaluated me to see if I did in fact possess a learning disability. And, after it was proven, I had documentation that allowed me more time. So, on the first day of class every year, I had to embarrassingly tell my teacher while everyone stared wondering what the paperwork I was handing off. I hated explaining my learning disability because I was embarrassed.

It’s never the first thing I tell other people either. Who wants to be known as the girl with a learning disability? When looking at me, you’d never know because I’m an average girl. However, if you took a class with me or spent time with me, you might find out.

But, here’s the thing: there are people who have to deal with so much more in their lives. So, instead of complaining, I find ways to cope with it. So, accept me for who I am!

Circa Thought Catalog

The First Mother’s Day Away


Every day, someone is packing up their belongings and uprooting their previous life to go somewhere else. There could be several reasons such as a new job, being closer to family and friends, new environment or just needing a change. Regardless the reason, it happens and I know it.  But, that doesn’t make me feel better though.

Tomorrow will be my first Mother’s Day away from home.

I sent my mother flowers in the mail and she received them today.  She excitedly called me to tell me how much she loved me as well as my flowers. Even though I’m not there this year, that doesn’t mean I forgot or I don’t care.

Yesterday afternoon was a bit difficult for me.  Emotional thoughts swirled in my mind and I tried to keep myself from feeling down.

But, instead of letting them get to me, I concentrated on things that make me happy.

My Boyfriend ~ Writing ~ My Apartment ~ Being out on my own ~ Living in Tennessee ~ My Puppy ~ My family’s support. Do you see? I have so much happiness around me.

But, deep inside, I’m sad I won’t be home tomorrow.  I know this happens to some people at one point in their lives, so I just have to deal with it just like them.  When planning to move, I didn’t think of the holidays or celebrations I’d miss.  And, I don’t want to start thinking about them now either or I’ll begin to feel sorry for myself once again.

Any who, Happy Mother’s Day!


One Of The Hardest Decisions Of My Life And Then Some

I stared at the screen with wet eyes trying to distract myself from the situation. With puffy and red eyes, I tried to write an article from start to finish. But, I needed to take cry breaks in-between. I loved that dog within a day or two, but when you love something that much, you must let it free.

Last week, I went to Paws Adoption Center to check out puppies just for the heck of it. I wasn’t planning on falling in love, rather I just wanted to scope out the center. But, to my surprise, I spotted a cute and small doxie that I fell in love with. So, I took some photos and when I got back to the apartment, I showed off the pooch to Brett. He wanted to see the dog for himself, so we took a ride over and he fell in love as well.

The plan was for us to adopt him the next day. Brett kept saying how good it would be for us and we’d feel more settled. So, I agreed and we went to pick up our pooch the next day. We were both excited to have such a cute and cuddly pup.


After that, we went over to Walmart and bought some pet supplies. I stayed in the car with the pup while Brett went in. Then, once we got home, we set everything up and bathed our new puppy.

He slept really well on the first night. But, Brett had to head to work the next day, so I was left to watch the little guy. He pooped and peed the entire day and he wouldn’t listen to me. I was extremely frustrated and really needed Brett to help me co-parent this dog. He was gone most of the day and once he came home, I was happy.

Here’s the truth, which we should have talked about before any of this: We’ve been here about a month and never have lived on our own. Therefore, we were never able to just go out and not worry about anything. There was always something in the way and this pup would restrict us from doing a lot of stuff we wanted to do.

And, also, we live in an apartment and it is not fair to him. He needs a big backyard to play in, kids to be with or someone who is retired and stays at home. We knew in our hearts that he deserved better.  So, we decided to take him back.

Brett was unable to do it, so I had to be the strong one and not be selfish. I just kept thinking about how I’d feel and I wasn’t sure if I was capable or strong enough, but I knew I had to go through with it. It was one of the biggest decisions of our lives. And, this is something we did not need while we’re still getting settled into our new life. Living in Tennessee is still so new to us, so going through this just made things 10 times worse.

The morning of, Brett hugged me and said, “Just know you’re making the right decision.”

If you’ve been through something like this, you know how disheartening and painful it is. I sat in the car for at least half an hour and cried. I kept questioning if this was the right decision, but deep down, I knew it was true. So, I slowly got out of the car and took him in. I had to sign some paperwork and then be on my way, so I did. But, on the ride home, I cried my eyes out.  I thought about going back to the shelter and re-rescuing him, but I decided not to.

When I got back, the apartment felt empty. I sensed it the moment I walked in our room. And, maybe I was being a baby, but I really needed Brett. Unfortunately,  he was at work.

IMG_20150421_230410_208 (1)

Eventually, when he got home, we had a 3-hour conversation about it and decided to take him back.  We talked about taking him to the park more often and seeing it as training for parenthood.

I know you’ll think we’re crazy, but I didn’t really give the dog a chance. When things to get rough, I tend to want to break-free. But, in life when things get tough, walking away may make you look like a coward.

Therefore, I’m going view this as a learning experience! I’ve talked to several people who almost took their puppies back, but decided to keep them instead. They noted how great of a decision it was for them.

And, maybe the dog will teach me something along the way and in the end, I’ll be glad to have him.


Hope Kumor

Woody’s BBQ: A Modern Southern Atmosphere

When it comes to BBQ, you’d think there would be more restaurants to choose from in the Murfreesboro area, but surprising there are only a few. And, since I’m from Pennsylvania, BBQ isn’t really something they offer back home. Well, if they do, it’s processed and pre-cooked with preservatives and a high amount of sodium.

When my boyfriend and I moved to Tennessee, he kept hinting toward finding a good BBQ place. So, when we drove by West Northfield Boulevard and saw Woody’s BBQ, we knew we had to try this place for ourselves.

“It’s a different kind of barbeque because we smoke everything in-house,” says Lea Keisling Owner/Operator. That means, they make their beef, pork, turkey and brisket fresh! Since Brett and I are more so on the health side of the spectrum, our eyes lit-up when we heard that!

And, speaking of healthy, Woody’s BBQ provides a menu with low-calorie meals for those on a diet. Choose an item such as Classic Bar B-Q pork. It’s only 500 calories and you may still have room for dessert! Unfortunately, we didn’t pick from the healthy menu. Instead we chose food that Woody’s is known for.

But, before that, Brett wanted an appetizer, so he ordered Woody’s Cajun Ranch Wings! The sauce was creamy and zesty. The wings themselves were light and crisp and possessed a hickory smoke taste. This was the first time we had smoked wings and they definitely exceeded our expectations.

Woody's BBQ - Cajun Ranch Wings

Woody’s Cajun Ranch Wings

When it came time to order, I opted for the Beef Brisket Sandwich with Texas toast and fried okra. The beef was moist and carved to perfection. The combination of the purple onions and brisket made the sandwich a true success. The toast itself was crunchy and golden brown. To add, the fried okra was crispy, yet soft at the same time.

Beef Brisket Sandwich with Texas toast and fried okra

Beef Brisket Sandwich with Texas toast and fried okra

Brett went for A Taste Of Woody’s. This platter includes spare ribs, Bar-B-Q pork, beef, smoked turkey breast and Bar-B-Q chicken. His first side was Mac and Cheese, which he described as “creamy with a smooth cheddar taste and his second was BBQ baked beans. “These baked beans were sweet and smoky alongside cubed pieces if brisket,” Brett noted. Also, he said, “The sliced brisket. ham and turkey had a perfect and light smoke.”

And, what would a meal be without dessert?

When Brett heard about the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie, there were no other options on his mind! “After eating a BBQ platter, you might be too full to consider dessert, but this pie is light, rich and fluffy, yet easy to dive into,” Brett said with a smile.

Woody's BBQ 7

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

I picked the Bread Pudding. Now, this particular pudding is similar to French toast! The drizzled caramel and moistness was what made it a delicious dessert! It was firm, yet soft at the same time. And, Lea makes these delectable desserts from scratch.

Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding

“I make the deserts from scratch because that is how it’s done throughout the franchise system,” Lea said. “We are known for our 5 1/2 inch tall sky high pies and you can’t buy them pre-made.”

So, there you have it! Bring your family and friends to Woody’s BBQ and have a slamming good time.

“We won’t let you leave until you’re happy,” Lea said.