The First Mother’s Day Away


Every day, someone is packing up their belongings and uprooting their previous life to go somewhere else. There could be several reasons such as a new job, being closer to family and friends, new environment or just needing a change. Regardless the reason, it happens and I know it.  But, that doesn’t make me feel better though.

Tomorrow will be my first Mother’s Day away from home.

I sent my mother flowers in the mail and she received them today.  She excitedly called me to tell me how much she loved me as well as my flowers. Even though I’m not there this year, that doesn’t mean I forgot or I don’t care.

Yesterday afternoon was a bit difficult for me.  Emotional thoughts swirled in my mind and I tried to keep myself from feeling down.

But, instead of letting them get to me, I concentrated on things that make me happy.

My Boyfriend ~ Writing ~ My Apartment ~ Being out on my own ~ Living in Tennessee ~ My Puppy ~ My family’s support. Do you see? I have so much happiness around me.

But, deep inside, I’m sad I won’t be home tomorrow.  I know this happens to some people at one point in their lives, so I just have to deal with it just like them.  When planning to move, I didn’t think of the holidays or celebrations I’d miss.  And, I don’t want to start thinking about them now either or I’ll begin to feel sorry for myself once again.

Any who, Happy Mother’s Day!



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