Loving Someone So Much It Hurts


Is it possible to love someone so much that hurts?  You just want to be around them most of the time because the thought of them not being there makes you sad.  Would it be considered obsessed or just head over heels in love?

My boyfriend gave me a call today expressing how bad his allergies are affecting him.  He’s been having issues breathing because he’s not adjusted to the new climate yet.  He needed to make a doctor’s appointment sooner rather than later.

The mother side of me immediately switched on and the next thing I knew, I was calling a local doctor’s office to schedule an appointment.  I didn’t even have to think twice because A) I love and care about him and B) I cannot stand to see him suffer.  Sure– this is what any girlfriend, wife or loved one would do anyway.  It’s not a rarity, it’s generally a given.  It’s just I absolutely love feeling needed!

But, the thing about it is– he’s my first love.  And, you all know you never forget your first love.  He is not my first boyfriend, but he’s my first everything else.

Since we’ve been living together, I’ve learned so much about relationships.  They’re about sacrifice, dedication, love, acceptance, pleasure and at times, putting them first. I can tell you that my boyfriend has always put me first and has sacrificed so much for me.  And, I have sacrificed for him as well.  Whenever he needs me, I’m always there and it’s the same way when it comes to when I need him.  Even though I’m his first girlfriend, he knows how to be a boyfriend.

And, once we moved in together, had no parents or friends around and only had him to lean on was when I realized this is real.  I’m in an adult relationship that will more than likely lead to marriage and it’s both thrilling and scary.  I must say that being in love is very scary.  At any point, that person could shatter your heart into a million pieces.  The thought of getting hurt terrifies me. 

However, at the same time, cuddling on his chest at night is one of the best feelings in the word!

Relationships are also about pleasuring one another.  I know sex can be a vulgar and uncomfortable topic for people, but it’s definitely part of a romantic relationship.  Without pleasure, your partner may look elsewhere.  So, if you don’t have a sexual attraction to your significant other, it could cause a problem.

You must feel happy in every aspect of your relationship in order to make it work.  And, for some couples, a sexless relationship is fine with them.  Power to those who don’t need sex to make them happy!

Lastly, when you allow yourself to open up and talk through your problems and work them out, you’re likely to have a successful relationship.  And, we’re both willing to work through our issues together as mature adults.


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