My Life At 25

At 25, I thought I’d be working for a magazine, married with at least one kid and living in a big house. I would have a white picket fence and a perfect husband who’d do anything for me. Eventually we’d have another child. Hopefully, we would end up with a girl and a boy, but if it didn’t pan out that way, I’d be fine with 2 boys or 2 girls. But, I’m 25, am not married, don’t have kids and am not working for a magazine.

I’m 25, have a boyfriend, finally obtained a job I like and am not ready for kids. Don’t get me wrong, I do like my life, it’s just I didn’t see myself living this way. I mean, I’m probably going to be paying off my student loans until I’m 40.

I obtained my first real grown-up job at 24 years old and thought I finally found something I liked, but I was wrong. Not only was I making not enough to even move out, I was barely putting money in the bank. All of it went to my car insurance, car and other various bills that crept up.

But, due to my lack of income, I obtained another position allowing me to put money in the bank. Both jobs didn’t allow me to truly do what I wanted to do, which was become a magazine writer. Those jobs were stationed in New York, but I was stuck in PA yearning for my dream job.

I interned for Family Circle and Good Housekeeping, but it wasn’t enough experience for me to land a job in that field. I felt bummed and unsatisfied in both positions and knew I desired better and a job I actually fell in love with. I went searching for just that and found it in Tennessee. It took me 3 months to finally find a job I love that allows me to use my writing and social media experience.

At the end of the day, I didn’t see myself finding a position this late in life, but I’m happy I’m earning enough to pay off my student loans. Along with that, I’d like to get married in the next few years and have kids.

Life is not like it was when our parents grew up. It was so simple for them and by age 25, they had at least 3-4 kids and were married for about 5 years. I mean, my parents were married at my age and my dad had a good full-time job. I’m accepting that nearly everyone my age is in the same boat, but it still can be difficult when I see others my age that became successful. Regardless, I think I’m finally on track to succeed.

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4 thoughts on “My Life At 25

  1. Seeing as I’m (maybe depends on perspective) a little worse off than you, in that I have lost job after job, unable to even afford a car, let alone the insurance; don’t even get me started on the cost of school. I’m an intellectual and find myself extremely disappointed in jobs that are mundane or do not use my ability to the fullest. Needless to say, labor or menial jobs, for me, are a mental death sentence. I haven’t found anyone I’m willing to be in a relationship with who feels the same toward me, so my financial issues are also solely resting on my shoulders. In a world barely understood, and me being just as misunderstood, I understand how the world feels. Ha ha. The fact you’re making it at all is a spark of motivation for me. The me at 20 would have given up already if that me was me now. (was that too confusing?) Anyways, thanks for the reminder that anything can happen. 🙂

      1. Thanks a lot for the support. I may take you up on your offer if I feel distressed. But, mostly, thanks for the read. 🙂

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