No Such Thing as “The Perfect Guy”

Girls play out how meeting Mr. Right will be, how their dress will look and how their wedding will seem. As girls, we often fantasize about our dream guy. In this fantasy, our guy will be perfect in every shape and form.

In part, I blame this on romantic movies. They depict the guy being flawless in every which way. But, here’s the truth: that is crap! The “perfect guy” is not perfect. Maybe he’s perfect for you, but he makes mistakes just like the rest of us. He doesn’t have every single characteristic we’re searching for and he certainly gets underneath our skin from time-to-time.

I had this notion that my perfect guy had blonde hair and blue eyes, but that changed over time. As long as I was attracted to him and he was good to me, nothing else mattered. That took me a while to realize though. It didn’t happen overnight. Eventually, I learned to love and accept my boyfriend’s flaws. And, what can I say? I’m no angel; I have moments where I can be a bit too much, but my boyfriend wouldn’t break up with me over that.

The strangest thing about dating my boyfriend is once upon a time, I placed him in the friend zone. I couldn’t get over my ex-boyfriend, so I pushed him away. And, maybe he just wasn’t “perfect” enough for me. Maybe I thought he wasn’t “good” enough. I questioned why I was kicking him to the curb when he did nothing wrong. I wanted him in my life, so I turned things around and ended up having him.

To think, I could have lost a great life partner if I didn’t call him back. As I grow-up, I’m coming to terms that my boyfriend isn’t perfect, but he’s pretty damn close!

Via Huffington Post


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